546 The Drillnado hits the basement workshop

May 22, 2015

I’ve been trying to distance myself further and further away from product reviews. Since they consist entirely of opinions they can be a little tricky to pull off successfully.

This is especially true if you’ve had plenty of time to try the item out and can navigate your way around it like a seasoned pro, and forget to mention the number of times it took you to get to that point (I promise I’ve never done that on this show…tempted to do it, but never have!)

Image of Drillnado courtesy of Drillnado.com

Image of Drillnado courtesy of Drillnado.com

One tool in the wood shop that doesn’t typically have a built in dust collection system or necessarily a great way to capture dust at the source is the drill press. Sure there are different ways to go about pulling the chips and dust out of the way*, but one new option on the market is the Drillnado.

The Drillnado is a dust collection accessory for the drill press that slips right over the chuck, the bit** and clamps on to the quill. According to the folks at drillnado.com it’s designed for use with most floor-model drill presses, but can be easily adapted to many bench-top versions also thanks to the included components in the kit.

(**NOTE: After recording the video and sharing it with the folks at Drillnado.com I heard back from them that they’ve started manufacturing the sleeve that fits over the drill bit without the narrower nose at the bottom. They’re now pre-cut to work with the larger diameter forstner and spade bits you might be using.)

I haven’t used it for more than demonstrational purposes, but given the early success I’ve had with it, I don’t have a problem recommended it to anyone who’s looking for a great way to add dust collection to their drill press (there was one little hiccup involving my Festool dust extractor, but I’ll explain more about that in the video.)

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  1. Chuck Riccardo says:

    The Drillnado ‘gimmick’ (perhaps) might have some limited uses, but overall, I don’t think it adds a lot to your excellent credibility or to the purpose of your web site.

  2. David Finch says:

    Hey Matt…just an observation on this video.
    I had no idea what the Drillnado was, and it wasn’t until just shy of the 3 minute mark that you said it was for dust collection. (OK…at 2:32 you mentioned “Grabbing more chips”..but that was it)
    I had no idea what the product was for prior to that point.
    Anyway, just thought you should be aware for future vids that you had made a pretty big assumption that we all knew what was going on.

    • Matt says:

      I can say without a doubt, I am not a fan of producing product review videos anymore. Mostly because giving an opinion often means that if I change it somewhere down the road (and it happens after a year or more of use) I have to explain all the reasons why I changed it.

      The other reason, is because I’m apparently just not all that great at doing them LOL. Thanks for the advice.

  3. LARRY says:


    • Matt says:

      Hey Larry no need to shout buddy !

      I’ve had these issues too. I’m curious what kind of dust collection you’re using? It collapsed incredibly fast on my drill press when I used my Festool dust extractor, I can’t imagine it not happening with a traditional shop vac also.

      Have you contacted the manufacturer? When I pointed these out to them they were great about getting back with me. Was it due to my review, I’m certain that had something to do with it, but I can’t imagine hey wouldn’t do the same with everyone else.

      Sorry you had a bad experience, that’s never good!

      • LARRY says:

        not shouting at you matt im just hitting every wood blog or forum and letting people know what a piece of junk this is.i never even saw your review until i posted.im hooked up to my 4″main duct line thats not the problem it just cant handle more than fine dust any chips and it clogs up and the bigger issue is the shroud totally worthless mine lost its shape and is almost impossible too snap back in place wrong type of material.what i thought was a great idea is almost worthless good idea bad execution it needs a lot of refinement.

        • Matt says:

          I understand. After producing the video I’ve had a few moments like you described with chips clogging up.

          But the shroud hasn’t collapsed, again, like you described. I would still recommend getting a hold of the manufacturer to see if they can provide you with some feedback and suggestions…or a replacement shroud if it’s a faulty version.

          Thanks Larry!

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