559 Dice Tower and Tray “Highrolling Unicorns and Wizards!”

January 5, 2018

Anyone who plays games involving dice there’s two things you always encounter; 1) they inevitably go flying off the tabletop, or 2) someone claims you threw them in a way that meant you were cheating. Aside from building a gaming table with raised sides like a craps table in Vegas your options can be limited on how to fix the problem.

poplar, dice tower, dice tray

poplar dice tower and tray with dice

A quick little project I built to help keep the dice in play is a “Dice Tower and Tray.” I made mine out of scrap poplar taking up space in the lumber rack and it only took a couple of hours on a Saturday afternoon.


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  1. Shannon Troester says:

    D&D for life. Every Wednesday night.

  2. Jason says:

    Glad your back

  3. Carolynne says:

    Great project

  4. Mike Thompson says:

    Nice little project Matt and it’s good to see you again. It’s been far too long.

    And thanks for the reminder when using a rabbeting plane. I struggle with keeping square walls quite badly.

    Happy New Year!
    Mike T

  5. Phil Byrnes says:

    Good to see you back Matt.
    You are missed but having a family I understand that they need you more than we do but still . . .
    Take care mate, you are always welcome here down under

    • Matt says:

      A visit down under is high on our list, thanks for watching!!!

      • Phil Byrnes says:

        Always know Matt that if you come to Sydney at any time you will always find a welcoming home and a bed, maybe even a nice bit of tucker at our place. I have learnt so much from you over the last few years through your website and your comments and thoughts on WoodTalk that my debt to you is real and honest. You will always find a welcome here with my wife and I and tho my talents are few she is an amazing cook so am sure you’d enjoy the tucker lol. Take care mate and ever and always, thank you.

  6. Dean in Des Moines says:

    Whoa! Must be cold up there… there’s a little frost in the beard.

    This is a great idea! I love that it folds together. Could you provide rough finished dimensions for this? You said any smaller would be difficult to use and I’d like to avoid that.

    • Matt says:

      It’s been a little chilly in the Mitten that’s for certain…but the white is probably from Ranch Dressing or sour cream from my tacos LOL!

      The tower is 6″ tall x 3-1/2″ wide x 2″ deep. The tray is 6-1/2″ long x 4-1/8″ wide x 1-1/2″ deep.

      Have fun if you decide to build it!

      • Dean in Des Moines says:

        Thanks, Matt! I believe your measurements to be true, but wasting ranch dressing? That’s just unamerican! LOL

        I plan to make a few for gifts. I’m sure it will be a big hit because I hear the same complaint you mention at the beginning of the video.

        Thanks again buddy.

  7. vetguy says:

    Nice vid Matt and great to see you post again. I was listing to an episode of WoodTalk which include chortling and thought I’d see what you were up to. Hope you post more vids.


  8. John Fitzgerald says:

    Hi Matt – good to see you! You’re looking good.

    Great little project, but I have to ask…..shooting board? hand saw? plow plane? Have you gone over to the dark side??? LOL. Seriously though, looks like you’ve upped your game with more hand tools which is pretty awesome. Well done. If you’re ever travelling to the Boston area would love to meet you for some type of carbonated hoppy malt beverage and a rousing discussion on the state and future of the Reinheitsgebot.

    • Matt says:

      I like to dabble…but then I have moments where I’m thinking “WHY????!!!” LOL! Thanks for the invite, usually when I’m back in Boston it’s because I just landed, picking up my car and heading inland to Marlborough because my employer apparently wants me to work…which seems cruel and unusual CHORTLE!

  9. Grant Springer says:

    Hey Matt!
    Thanks for sharing.
    You are missed but never forgotten!!!

  10. Goatonecent says:

    Hi Matt.
    It’s quite creative. Maybe I will try one

  11. Blake says:

    I am such a big fan of DnD that I am glad that many people are looking into this dice tower, if you want to check out more you should look here or onto some schematics on here… https://bit.ly/2PaedZ0

  12. Chase says:

    I loved the idea of making wood crafts like this. Could you tell me what wood did you use for this high rolling dice tower? I am planning to build one for my dad. Also, could you tell me whether cedar wood is toxic to skin contact? My dad has some sort of sensitive skin, wherein if I give him a wrong wood product that might create serious issues. As because I came across one article on the internet https://www.artistrywood.com/toxic-reaction-to-wood/ and has listed some wood names that are toxic to skin. I was hoping to get an experts viewpoint regarding this matter. Please do let me know what are your feedbacks. Thanking you in advance.

    • Matt says:

      Thanks for checking it out, I really appreciate it! Regarding skin sensitivity do to Cedar, it really depends on the individual, so unfortunately I can’t give you a solid answer on it. The two I made in the video were from Poplar and Maple. Both seem to be pretty benign when it comes to allergies, etc, but then again I’m sure someone out there will run into an issue with it LOL.

      Thanks again.

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