Father’s Day 2012 Kid Built Projects

Here’s a few pictures and stories from some of you who have sent them in for the 2012 Father’s Day Giveaway. Many thanks for sharing with us!

From Reese:
“I try to take my daughter (turned 4 today) to the kids build projects at Lowe’s. Out latest was the monkey plane fromMadagascar 3 which we built yesterday afternoon.”

From Jason Young:
“A few months ago my son, who is in middle school, asked me to help him build a project for science class. he needed to build a model of a plant cell. You could build the model out of anything you wanted and the materials list suggested styrofoam balls, pipe cleaner, etc. The usual suspects. Being a woodworker, I figured the best material would be of course .. wood. So we got to work and built a base (chloroplast) out of plywood and we turned all sorts of funky wooden shapes to represent the nucleus, ribosomes, mitochondria etc. out of maple, mahogany, cedar and a bunch of other scraps I could find. I had my son drill holes in each cell structure and into the base and propped each structure up on a bamboo skewer. He then made labels for each structure and glued it to a toothpick and inserted the toothpick into a small hole drilled into the respective cell part. He got a great mark on the project and the teacher asked if she could keep it as an example for future years. Plus we had a great time building together.”

From Jason Piper:
“My son…and I made a simple tool box last summer (we are currently working on filling it. good behavior = new tool ). As you can see he’s very proud of it. He loves to go out in the garage shop with dad and work on anything. We have made some of those Lowes kids kits also. He has also helped me sand projects and use the drill (with assistance) to make holes and screw things together. At age 5 he can name almost every tool in the shop. Hopefully we win cause we need more project ideas.”

From Larry Thayer:
“…attached are some pictures of a couple of porch benches my youngest daughter and I are working on…Mine will be green like the trim on the house and hers will be … purple. Sad. What’s a father to do? It seems we need a replacement for me as the Vanna White of Porch Bench Modeling. The family all seems to agree that I need to go. Thayer”

From (Uncle) Chet Kloss:
“Though my own kids are grown and out of the house, I had the opportunity to build some “marshmellow catapults” with my twin nephews, Jason and Joseph. I precut most of the pieces but made sure we had a few operations needed to complete the build including some hand sawing, drilling, sanding, and planing. Attached are some pictures from that very fun afternoon.”

From Jim Ashley:
“This was actually my first furniture project that I completed toward the end of last summer, and I did a short blog post on the completed project here: www.thewoodlab.wordpress.com. It’s basically a poplar child size work table I built for my son who was entering first grade, and figured could benefit from a spot in the study to do homework and use his handed down computer (from Mom). He went with me to get the wood, and picked out the stain color. While I did the construction, he helped me with applying the stain/finish. Attached are the pics (one with the final coat drying in the shop, and the other in its place in the study with his computer).

And now that’s it been several months since the completion and blog post, I’m happy to say he uses the table every day, and that means it has survived…lol!”

From Shannon Fargo:
“Each of my kids have helped me at some point in the shop. They are as curious about woodworking as their daddy is and have the same skills…”

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