A Decade of Matt’s Basement Workshop?

January 26, 2016

As I’m sitting here trying to come up with something to say about the 10th anniversary of Matt’s Basement Workshop Podcast I’m finding myself entirely at a loss for words. For those of you who know me, that never happens!


I’ve told the story a thousand times, but the show was never meant to last this long. My intent from the very beginning was to demonstrate it was possible to create a woodworking podcast, then wait for someone to come along, show me up and then I could sit back, listen/watch, and enjoy the experience.

As you all know from podcasting history, at the same time I was launching Matt’s Basement Workshop my good friend (dare I say BEST friend) Marc Spagnuolo launched The Wood Whisperer, and from that point forward what we know as an entire genre of Woodworking podcasts was born.

Photoshop Magic!

Photoshop Magic!

Actually I’ll take it one step further and say, in my opinion, we were pioneers on the digital end of the Maker’s Movement in the sense of creating online content, and over those first few years we had the pleasure (and pain in some situations) of helping others create content and share it with the world.

But what happened with them more often than not, was that the reality of creating a show would catch up and they’d fade away. Sadly some of them were shows I really loved and looked forward too.

If you’ve been consuming online woodworking content over the past decade you’ve experienced several cycles of rapid growth followed by just as rapid a decline.

Starting first with blogs, than podcasts, and eventually into the ever-expanding world of YouTube channels, which today is easily the biggest resource for woodworking videos online.

In fact the term YouTuber, or notion that YouTube is the ONLY SOURCE of online content is so popular that when I refer to myself as having a podcast the usual response is “so you’re a YouTuber?” To which I usually respond “sure…”


I don’t want this to come across as I’m saying YouTubers aren’t important content creators or that they don’t contribute to the knowledge base of today’s woodworkers, because they do!

The underlying difference between Podcasters and self-identified YouTubers is the extent to which their content is available.

Both make their content available to the general public, and many podcasters (myself included) make their content available on YouTube also, it’s just that podcasters make their content available to be downloaded to devices for watching off-line. That’s the only difference!

So coming back to the original intent of this post, which isn’t to be pontificating about content creators and where or how the audience sees their content, the underlying idea behind this post is to emphasize the importance that content is being created at all.

The number one rule of content creation is consistency. Be consistent in sharing your experiences, be consistent in learning and explaining where you came up short if you did, and be consistent in presenting content to the audience.

And consistency doesn’t mean you have to be creating content every day, every week or on any kind of regular schedule. It simply means don’t promise the audience everything and then disappoint them by failing to follow through time and time again.

Trust me, I know the lure of wanting to be everything to everyone and then burning yourself out trying. Thankfully I discovered this very early!

So in the end, thank you for allowing me to come into your lives and share my projects and experiences. I’m more grateful this opportunity than you could ever know.

What's in the future?

What’s in the future?

As for the future of the show, just like the cycles of rapid growth and decline we’ve seen in the past, Matt’s Basement Workshop is currently in a state of flux. But it’s not going away just yet. I have too much learning left to do, and I want to share it with all of you.

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  1. Stan P says:

    Matt; Congratulations! I found you about 5 years go when I retired and have been following you ever since. I always look forward to a new posting because it is always fun to watch. You do a great job. It is easy to tell from watching and reading that you enjoy doing the postings, though have have to think it is a lot of work putting them together. I should send comments more often than I do, but know that I am always there watching and reading.

  2. Bob Lang says:

    Congratulations on hitting this milestone Matt. In a way online years are like dog years, so a decade means you’ve been around (and hung in there) for a long, long time.

    Keep up the good work,


  3. Joe W says:

    Matt, I completely agree with Stan P and Bob Lang. Thank you for the podcasts. Joe

  4. Aaron Day says:

    I guess I am part of the current bubble on Youtube. And I blame you. Winning a t-shirt from you made me finally get off my butt and publish something so I wasn’t just being a taker. Since then I’ve tried doing a few blog posts, videos, and even a couple instructables. So thanks for the effort you have put in over the year and the inspiration. If all of us who you inspired stood on your shoulders we’d probably crush you and eat your tacos.

  5. Neil says:

    Matt, you have been a major influence in turning me from a typical DIYer into a woodworker. It is your down to earth approach that gave me (and many others) the confidence to try new things. You have made woodworking accessible to thousands like me. Thank you and congratulations on ten years as the podfather!

  6. Jim Ashley says:

    Congrats on 10 years Matt! Thanks for all the great content. When I first came across MBW, my son was still little. He’d see me watching and promptly start yelling “router bit of the month!” around the house… haha!

  7. Glyn Weir says:

    Wow, 10 years. I’ve been following your journey of learning since the start. You’ve helped me to remember thing I had learned and forgotten. Tomorrow, I will be teaching my shop class about rubbed glue joints, a reminder from one your podcasts the very first year. Thanks for all the hours, days, weeks, no… many months of podcast content. All hail the Podfather.

  8. Congrats on 10 years!

    You have been such a great inspiration to both woodworkers and content creators with your generous and friendly personality, and your very admirable consistency in posting.

    Good luck as your journey takes a little bit different road than the one you have been traveling. I hope that where ever it takes you is fulfilling.

    Your friend in the shop-

  9. Bobby Slack says:


    Thank you for your first ten years. Looking forward to the next decade.


  10. travis says:

    Matt i recently discovered you and quickly became a fan i would like to thank you for inspiring me and getting me back to the workshop. I have wanted to contact you for quite some time for i am a woodworker with alot to learn and would also like to become more of a contributer online i have always been online as a reader watcher but am now diligently trying to change that. Long story short i admire you and your work i bope you dont go anywhere any time soon and i live close to you and would like to align myself with woodworkers in my area i have a vision and would like to establish communication so that maybe one day i could actually meet you to collaborate learn and help grow a comunity that seems to be ever so changing sorry for long comment

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