Aiden’s Dresser No. 1

July 28, 2006

This is our first ever video episode!*

Aiden's Dresser

Aiden’s Dresser

Starting with this first video I’ll be demonstrating the steps I go through when building a project.

Thanks for checking it out.

*Every journey begins with a first step and this was mine. At the time this video was released I was begrudgingly heading into the world of video podcasting. The quality is obviously not the greatest, but it was a fun experiment.

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  1. John Verreault (aka Johnny_Vee) says:

    Ah, the MBW Rosetta Stone… yes, I knew I would find it. Your first time video blogging. Matt, this is seriously a great bit and I am so glad you persevered all this time. Take care.

  2. David Harms says:

    after your 8 year post I had to come back and watch the first one. You’ve come a long way, but it was still fun to watch this one. I have to ask did you not make videos of the rest of the build or were they lost? I only see a part 2 and then they stop.

    Always enjoy the site!


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