“An Unplugged Life” a new online experience with Tom Fidgen

October 8, 20140 Comments

I’ve written previously about Tom Fidgen who I consider an amazing author, craftsman and instructor. He’s released two amazing books “Made by Hand” & “The Unplugged Woodshop” both filled with inspiring projects intended to be built entirely with hand tools (but I don’t think he’d be upset if you completed them with a little assistance from a power tool along the way.)

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If you’re not familiar with Tom, I invite you to visit his blog The Unplugged Woodshop and the community that’s built up around it. Then once you’re done there, immediately head over to his latest online adventure An Unplugged Life.

What is it? According to the description at the top of the page An Unplugged Life is “…an online membership site that will inspire you to get offline, slow down, and work smarter with your hands and heart. an unplugged life is a concept that’s been growing for the past few years and I decided it was high time to make it a reality.

Every week, I receive dozens of emails from people around the planet, asking specific questions about my creative process, wood working techniques, custom furniture options and ideas, as well as my personal opinions about specific hand tools and manufacturers.

You asked me where and when I’ll be teaching next, and it’s these very questions that have become the inspiration for this new Membership site.”

If his online instruction is anything like what I’ve learned from his books, Tom has so many things he’ll teach you, starting with fundamentals such as:

  • hand tools; from the essentials to the set-ups, practice techniques and then master them.
  • the truth about sharpening- from the angles to the jigs and all of the folklore, theory and snake oil that goes along with them.
  • wood selection, where to get it, what to look for, how to buy it and how to dry it.
  • how to dimension rough lumber and how to finish it so it lasts for generations.

For more information visit An Unplugged Life today, I doubt you’ll regret it!

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