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September 21, 20151 Comment

When I started Matt’s Basement Workshop in January 2006 audio-only podcasts were the norm, and for certain there weren’t any podcasts dedicated to woodworking (trust me, I searched high and low.)


Eventually it was obvious there were a few short-comings to an audio-only woodworking podcast, so I dabbled a little in producing videos and the rest is history. In all that time I’ve always offered a version of the show in an “audio-only” format. Not a different version of the show, just a version of the same episodes minus the video.

Many of you are still subscribed to this format, and one of the most popular reasons I’ve heard why that is, is because you listen while you’re on the move. Driving, walking, working-out, and pretty much wherever it’s not convenient to watch a video.

I have appreciated all of you for subscribing to this feed for all the same reasons I’m grateful for anyone who’s subscribed to the other formats. It means the world to me that you enjoy what I’m creating.

Unfortunately, it’s time to let this particular feed fade into the history of podcasting. Let me emphasize, this doesn’t mean the show is going away, it’s just this one option of the various podcast feeds available to the audience.

Why am I letting it fade away? Two reasons. The first is that when my old hosting service closed their doors I had already been migrating my content elsewhere in anticipation of something like it happening (content creators should never have all their eggs in one basket.) As a result of their shutting down, many of my downloadable links went dead.

I’m still in the process of redirecting them to the new locations so if you find one isn’t working, hang tight, it’s being corrected soon I promise. There’s some slow progress on this front considering I’m an one man show (in fact I’m the only man in the show in front and behind the scenes.)

The second reason is simply time. I’m starting to reach a point where I’m seeing fewer and fewer subscribers to this version of the RSS Feed and it’s yet one more step along the way to producing, uploading and distributing content to all of you.

So going forward, the existing “audio-only” content isn’t going anywhere and will be available on the website (and eventually all of them will be there when I get caught up.) But going forward there won’t be any more NEW audio-only episodes being added to the feed as previously.

Thank you to everyone who’s been a subscriber to this version of the feed, I can’t express how much I’ve appreciated it!

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  1. Tom says:

    I guess you could play the video and just listen to it, but a picture can be worth a thousand words

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