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527 Another bottle opener?

July 11, 20142 Comments

Short of having a bottle opener in every room of the house I don’t really have a need for another one. But when inspiration strikes, who am I to stand in its way? So on today’s episode we’re making another bottle opener. Except this time, I know for a fact you can easily find this […]

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Just in time for summer vacation “The Highland Woodworker” Episode No. 13

July 11, 20140 Comments

Are you still in summer vacation mode? Looking for something to kickback and watch while you’re relaxing poolside or out in the Adirondack chairs you built a while back? Charles Brock and the crew of The Highland Woodworker knew you would be, so they wrapped up filming and editing of the most recent episode just […]

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FullPro’s “SoundVision” eye protection

July 9, 20140 Comments

Protective eyewear is an important piece of equipment in the woodshop. We never think about it until it’s too late. I know I’m guilty of assuming my everyday glasses are more than sufficient protection, but there are definitely operations where you need more. And it’s not just in the woodshop that you need adequate eye […]

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Wood movement catastrophe averted

July 7, 20142 Comments

I’m sure you all remember the bedside tables I built for me and Samantha (if not, here’s a link where you can checkout the first episode in the series.) Many of you have asked what finish we went with, and I probably replied we plan to paint them…as soon as Sam figures out which shade […]

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Happy Fourth of July!

July 4, 20140 Comments

Happy Independence Day to my fellow US compatriots. I hope you’re day is filled with all the fun and frolic we’ve come to enjoy on this date. May your grills be hot, the beverages cool and the fun never-ending. Go forth and celebrate!

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More summertime woodworking suggestions…

July 2, 20140 Comments

It’s the first week of July and having grown up in the great state of Michigan it’s also the time of year most of the automotive industry gets a two-week furlough for changes to the assembly lines. Of course, I don’t work in the automotive industry so I’m at work and writing this post on […]

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“The Trade of the Joiner” from Finn Yarbrough

July 1, 20140 Comments

A big project around the house that I’ve been putting off for a little too long is some badly needed window repair. Nothing major, just a little cosmetic repair. In fact, completing this project should be motivation to save up the money and buy modern replacement windows. But for the time being, I’ll continue to […]

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Bob Lang’s “The 6 Most Important Woodworkers I’ve Ever Known”

June 30, 20140 Comments

Inspiration comes to us from many different places. The materials we buy, the tools we use, the mentors who guide us and above all the people we meet along the way. I can honestly say that in my life I’ve been very fortunate to have opportunities others could only dream of having. And sadly, I […]

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526 A bottle opener’s wooden makeover

June 29, 20142 Comments

For sure the warm days of summer are upon us in the Northern hemisphere, and as I mentioned in a recent post, that means it’s time for me to start spending more time out of the shop. I’d love to say all that time outdoors is devoted to hanging with the family; swimming in the […]

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Short and sweet summer projects

June 23, 20142 Comments

As I’m writing this post Summer has officially arrived. For a large number of you this is the time of year your woodworking projects get into full swing because your shops are located in garages or portions of the house that are difficult to keep warm during the cold months. For me this is the […]

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