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549 Turned Bottle Opener

July 30, 20150 Comments

The beauty of owning a lathe is being able to turn small scraps of wood into fun little projects. Typically these are quick & easy to make and something friends and family love to receive as gifts (or that you can sell to customers rather than burning in a fire pit with the rest of […]

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Mallory’s tool tips on Miter Saws

July 25, 20150 Comments

One reason I haven’t been posting a lot of content this month is due to a recent project I’ve been working on for a client (friend/boss.) It was a big project, and I still have one more piece to build, which I plan to share more about soon. Because of the overall size of the […]

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The Highland Woodworker Episode 19

July 22, 20150 Comments

As might have become obvious by my own lack of content being posted this past couple of months the warm summer days have a way of making it hard to get in the shop and produce shows. Thankfully it hasn’t effected Charles Brock and The Highland Woodworker crew from putting together the latest episode of […]

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Updated Affiliate Links

July 16, 20152 Comments

Occasionally I get a little behind on website maintenance and then things tend to slide. It’s never a good habit to have, so recently I’ve been doing what I can to get caught up. Unfortunately one of those things was the affiliate links and support page, and considering affiliate links are an easy way for […]

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Return of “The Daily Matt?”

July 15, 20150 Comments

Don’t let the title get your hopes up, cause it’s not actually coming back. But while I’m stepping out of the shop and enjoying the warm days of summer making plans for upcoming projects, grilling, and watching my son mow the grass, I thought you might like to revisit all 86 episodes of “The Daily […]

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Card Catalog – CD Case

July 13, 20153 Comments

Continuing along with my trip down memory lane and revisiting old projects, the next one I’m sharing was a huge step up for me and something I’m still very proud of and not the least bit afraid to show off. Music had always been a big part of my life, and as it turned out, […]

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Upland Film Co. presents “Manny”

July 6, 20151 Comment

Woodworking bucket lists are a frequent topic of conversation amongst woodworkers. Inevitably the subject comes up when we get together and we’ll find ourselves comparing notes as to what’s on it and why. I know I’ve shared my own a few times, including on episode 71 of Wood Talk back in 2010. Projects that almost […]

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Samantha Talks Woodworking

July 3, 20153 Comments

After the dust settled and Samantha’s brunch table was completed she sat down with me for a little Q&A on the topic of woodworking with a non-woodworking spouse. If you have a spouse who isn’t interested in building projects, or woodworking in general then you know those awkward moments when they approach you to build […]

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This old sofa table

June 25, 20150 Comments

Coincidentally, the next project on my list to revisit and share from back in the beginning of my woodworking adventures is this old sofa table (I’ll explain the coincidence at the end of the post.) Similar to previous projects from this time, I built it entirely out of dimensional lumber from my local home center. […]

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Isn’t pockethole joinery bad for wood movement?

June 22, 20154 Comments

In the short time since I released the video for Samantha’s table I’ve had a few people asking why I didn’t use a different method for attaching the table top to the apron. Apparently there’s a lot of concern centering around the use of pocket hole joinery this way, more specifically a concern it isn’t […]

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