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550 Simple Cabinet Construction Pt 1

August 26, 20150 Comments

Don’t tell my wife, but after all these years of her asking if I’d ever consider building new cabinets for our kitchen I’m finally getting around to doing it. Except they’re not for the kitchen, and they’re not even for our house. Instead, it’s a small build for a client. The good news is Samantha […]

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Farewell Patreon, hello future?

August 20, 20150 Comments

For years I toyed with the idea of creating premium content, and back in October, 2014 I dipped my toes in the water by creating my Patreon Campaign. It’s been a lot of fun creating exclusive content that I know people enjoy and see the value in it (and hopefully are learning something too!) But […]

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Scars and Patina with Age versus Designed

August 17, 20151 Comment

The topic of distressing furniture is a frequent one in the Vanderlist Household, and judging by the number of emails asking about distressing techniques over the years I’d say it’s a hot topic in other woodworkers’ homes too. I appreciate the beauty of an aged piece of furniture. The scars from years of wear and […]

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Momentary hiccup coming soon

August 13, 20152 Comments

In January 2016 I’ll have been podcasting in one form or another for 10 years. Ordinarily this is where I insert some sort of self-defeating comment like “I’m sorry,” but I’m not going to, because in reality I’m rather proud of it! But this isn’t an anniversary post. Instead, it’s a heads up to anyone […]

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Clearing some inventory

August 10, 20150 Comments

Inventory reduction sale of Matt’s Basement Workshop T-shirts is happening from now until the end of August, 2015. Currently we have a surplus of 2-XL short sleeved t-shirts and several long-sleeved tee’s in sizes Large to 2XL that need new homes. The prices listed include shipping and handling*. Won’t you give one of these t-shirts […]

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The Latest from Hendrik Varju

August 8, 20150 Comments

Have you been wondering what Hendrik Varju of Passion for Wood has been up to recently? Well wonder no more! Hendrik recently released two new titles to his popular “Private Woodworking Instruction in a Box” series: Handcut Dovetails “The DVD starts by reviewing some of the equipment you will need to cut dovetails by hand, […]

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549 Turned Bottle Opener

July 30, 20151 Comment

The beauty of owning a lathe is being able to turn small scraps of wood into fun little projects. Typically these are quick & easy to make and something friends and family love to receive as gifts (or that you can sell to customers rather than burning in a fire pit with the rest of […]

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Mallory’s tool tips on Miter Saws

July 25, 20150 Comments

One reason I haven’t been posting a lot of content this month is due to a recent project I’ve been working on for a client (friend/boss.) It was a big project, and I still have one more piece to build, which I plan to share more about soon. Because of the overall size of the […]

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The Highland Woodworker Episode 19

July 22, 20150 Comments

As might have become obvious by my own lack of content being posted this past couple of months the warm summer days have a way of making it hard to get in the shop and produce shows. Thankfully it hasn’t effected Charles Brock and The Highland Woodworker crew from putting together the latest episode of […]

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Updated Affiliate Links

July 16, 20152 Comments

Occasionally I get a little behind on website maintenance and then things tend to slide. It’s never a good habit to have, so recently I’ve been doing what I can to get caught up. Unfortunately one of those things was the affiliate links and support page, and considering affiliate links are an easy way for […]

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