Bad Axe Tool Work’s twist on the traditional Memorial Day Sale

May 23, 20140 Comments

Owner of Bad Axe Tool Works, Mark Harrell released their recent newsletter earlier this week with a twist on the typical Memorial Day sale. Not only is Bad Axe Tool Works offering a savings on new custom-made saws, they’re doubling that savings for our Veterans!

Image property of Bad Axe Tool Works

Image property of Bad Axe Tool Works

So what’s the twist? Read for yourself from this snippet directly out of the Bad Axe Newsletter:

“All New Custom-Designed Premium Saw Orders 5% off (10% for veterans) between now and 2400 CST, 25 May 2014.*

…go to any new Bad Axe Saw product page, and make a down payment for a saw. I will take off 5% from the entire cost of the saw(s) upon billing you for the balance due when I build your saw(s). Veterans get 10% off (just tell me the combat theater you served in and when). We’ll match all premium saw orders with a 5% donation to the Tomah, Wisconsin VA hospital.”

This is such a great opportunity to get yourself an amazing saw (I’ve never heard a bad thing about one yet) and do something for a Veteran who has made sacrifices for all of us! Visit the Bad Axe Tool Works website by clicking here.

And as Mark reminds us as we go into this holiday weekend “…Here’s an opportunity to buy a saw at a discounted rate, and help out a veteran stuck in the hospital this weekend at the same time.”

“Happy Memorial Day everyone, and thanks for your business…when you get a moment this week–give a veteran firm handshake and a salute. And feel good about buying the best saw on the planet that’s made in the USA by a veteran-owned business that hires veterans.”

If you’re already subscribed to the Bad Axe Tool Works newsletter than you probably saw there are some other great deals available to customers, exclusively through the newsletter.

If you’re not subscribed, take an opportunity and get your email on the list so you don’t miss an opportunity to save big.

Happy Memorial Day weekend everyone!

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