Bandsaw blade tracking

July 22, 20140 Comments

My post the other day about my recent experience with case hardened wood and the bandsaw got me to thinking about my own tool’s setup. I know I get a little lazy sometimes when it comes to readjusting the settings for a new blade, but I’ve learned to overcome my urge to be slothy and do the setup work anyways.

I’ve learned to never assume that just because I’m swapping one blade for another of the same size and configuration that the adjustments don’t need to be tweaked. I assume every blade is different and therefore needs to be adjusted.

Typically this means unplugging the saw (which will have already been unplugged anyways for the blade change,) loosening all the guides (top and bottom,) followed by adjusting the tracking mechanism to ensure the blade is centered on the top wheel.

Once it’s tracked and I can see it’s centered, I’ll then take the time to adjust the blade guides and shortly afterwards it’s back to work.

Not sure what I’m talking about when it comes to adjusting for the tracking? Checkout this video from the folks at Steel City Tool Works.

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