Bob’s Big Ash Bench

January 23, 2015

I couldn’t resist! I really couldn’t help but write a title like “Bob’s Big Ash Bench” for a long list of reasons. Starting with the most obvious being because it make’s me laugh like a little boy thinking he pulled a fast one on his parents.

Bob D's Big Ash Bench Project!

Bob D’s Big Ash Bench Project!

But regardless of whether you just rolled your eyes like my wife would (OR any person with a sensible sense of humor) you have to admit this Ash wood bench Bob D built last year is a nice piece of outdoor furniture we’d love to have on display in our own yards.

According to Bob, the Ash came from a local hardwood supplier and the plan was from an old Shopsmith print that he altered “just a bit.”

When I asked him if he could share some more details about the bench he explained:

“The finish was my first attempt at water based exterior poly applied with a HVLP sprayer. I applied it over a wash coat of 2 pound cut amber shellac. Loved the HVLP but haven’t been able to use it again.”

Nice hiding of a mistake!

Nice hiding of a mistake!

“One of the things I learned during the project was how to fix a screw up. You can’t see it in the picture but about 10″ up on the inside of both back legs is a plug. About 3″ x1″ sticking out 3/4″ chamfered on all 4 sides. I made a mortice that latter I had no idea what it was for. I made this plug and you may just think it is an accent piece, albeit in a weird place!”

Thanks for sharing the project Bob, I know for myself it’s one that is actually a piece I hope to build for my own backyard.

If you have a project you’d like to share please submit it along with up to four pictures, and of course as many details as you can spare.

We want to hear about the materials, the finish and maybe a little insight into something you learned or experienced while making the project.

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