Brese Infill Plane Kit Preview

July 27, 2010

As my summer hiatus is coming closer to it’s end I thought I’d give you a sneak peek of a build project that’ll be appearing on the show. The hand plane lover in me couldn’t resist the opportunity to build my very own Infill Plane at some point. And to help make that dream come true I met Ron Brese of Brese Planes back in April of 2009.

At the time Jameel Abraham of was showing me his own Brese Small Smoother he had made from a kit and I was hooked. It didn’t hurt that Ron Brese is such a friendly guy and so easy to talk with, so it was in no time at all I was placing my order with him to get my own kit. Flash forward now almost 18 months to today and I’m finally breaking out that kit “I HAD TO HAVE” and I’m getting started on building my very own version.

I’ve chosen a beautiful piece of East Indian Rosewood as my infill, which I think will compliment the brass sides beautifully. So far it’s coming together better than I anticipated and I can’t wait to show it off!

Rest assured, as I’m building I am taking photos and footage of the whole process. When I’m done, I’ll put it all together and you’ll be able to get a look at the entire process from rough wood to final polish. Really this project shouldn’t take more than a day or two, but you know me!

Until the videos are ready, I thought I’d share the following photos with you to whet your appetite for the upcoming series. To learn more about Ron Brese or to view his amazing planes and kits visit his site at

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  1. Stephane Daigle says:

    Hi Matt,
    can’t wait to see updates on this project. Also, I’m very curious to see how it will perform in the shop compared to mass production planes like your Veritas and Lie-Nielsens.

    Thanks for sharing!


    • Matt says:

      I had a momentary set back on it’s construction…let’s just say not having started it within a few weeks of buying it meant I FORGOT some important things Ron wanted me to do with it. This model was meant to be a test model for something Ron was trying in his kits. I think I’ve ruined the testing process with my delay LOL!

      I’ve played with Ron’s various planes and I’ll be honest, they’re really amazing…HEAVY…but really amazing! The extra weight and their overall features work the wood wonderfully. But we’ll give this one a good testing once it’s completed.

      Thanks for checking it out!

      • Greg says:

        I am in the middle of a build of this plane, and I must say, it is easy to “pause” during the build, as you have a working plane as soon as the test fitting of your infill material is secured.
        The plane works marvelously, and the finish of whatever you are using it on is stunning.
        Heavy it is, but this makes the planing stroke unstoppable.
        Simply beautiful.
        I used highly figured (fiddleback) luthier grade claro walnut as my infill material.

        Good luck with the rest of the project.


  2. DavidH says:

    I’m still an amateur when it comes to hand planes, but it is defiantly on my bucket list to build one. Looking forward the the footage and writeup on the build of this one.


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