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September 2, 20150 Comments

Another one of the most frequent questions I’ve received over the years, and one I see all of over social media is “Where can I get plans to build ___?”

As someone who’s drawn, and built from his own plans I don’t find myself asking this question all that often, but I understand why others might not find it as easy to accomplish as I do.

Thankfully there are a lot of resources filled with furniture and project plans. Books, DVDs, magazines and online resources. Unfortunately, not all of them (especially certain ones online) are legitimate.


A new resource to checkout for project plans and instructions is the website

Over at they have a very easy to navigate website which makes it quick and easy for visitors to find project plans and inspiration for their next build.


For every project plan available on their website the user has access to step-by-step instructions on how to make it, tips and suggestions for each step, a list of suggested tools to build it, along with a materials list and other resources associated with the plan (including an option to buy tools you may not have on hand but want to add to your shop.)

Sort for plans by the space they're needed for!

Sort for plans by the space they’re needed for!

Navigating the website is super simple. The folks at took the time to categorize the projects by the specific type (e.g. “bed,” “built in cabinets,” etc.,) and even by the space the project will occupy (e.g. “bedroom,” “kitchen,” etc.,) and even by popularity.

And to add even more to the user’s experience, some of the plans are identified as being “Certified” which according to the website means –

“…they were designed and tested by the staff of project professionals at BuildSomething. These plans have been checked and rechecked for accuracy and completeness, so you can build with confidence. Plus, we have a professional Support Team that is here to help you with questions about BuildSomething Certified plans.” is very much a community-based website, so if you decide to signup (for free) you can leave comments and join in discussions on projects, but it’s not required to take advantage of the great project plans.

If you’re looking for a plan for an upcoming project, or have a plan you’d like to share, visit to get started.

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