So you want to start a woodworking business huh?

May 2, 20140 Comments


It’s not unusual to get a few emails each year asking me how I got my woodworking business up and running. I get why they’re asking, I’d like to think I’m a successful business man and entrepreneur. But in reality, I’m neither, well at least in terms of the normal definitions.

I have, and probably always will be, a hobbyist woodworker who gets the occasional commission and job from a family member or friend or friend of a friend. I haven’t hung a shingle out to say I’m open for business and accepting customers for my one of a kind creations, although the thought has crossed my mind and obviously so has it for many others in the same situation that I’m in.

What situation? “Stuck” in a day job you’re not crazy about, but you might not be sure what you want to be when you grow up, so you stay for a whole slew of reasons.

While I wish I had the answer for these emailers (heck I wish I had the answer for myself) I know someone else who gets the question far more frequently than I have. My good friend Marc Spagnuolo (that Wood Whisperer guy) recently wrote a post talking about his response to this question titled “Why I don’t offer woodworking business advice”.

I invite you to head over to this post and check it out for yourself, it might just be the answer you were looking for…or not…but it’s a good answer regardless. You can find the post “Why I don’t offer woodworking business advice” at Marc’s website by clicking on this link.

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