Carter Log Mill Demo by Morton

May 31, 2013

After seeing George Vondriska’s demonstration at Weekend with WOOD titled “Logs to Lumber” I’ve been noticing more and more tree trimming happening in my neighborhood. And by “noticing more and more” I mean simply, I’m starting to get the itch a little to try my hand at sawing my own lumber from local fallen trees.

I only have a 14″ bandsaw, but that’s the perfect size for cutting up some of the smaller tree trunks I see laying around waiting for someone to claim them for firewood.

According to George, and you’ll see some of this in the clips to come soon from my trip to Weekend with WOOD, you can accomplish the job rather easily with a simple homemade sled on your own bandsaw. But if you’re like me, and I know some of you are…when you see a manufactured jig that can do something similar and save you time and maybe a few white knuckle moments, you’re all over it.

Imagine my surprise when I took a look at the latest product video Morton put together for the Highland Woodworking YouTube Channel?! This time around Morton is demonstrating the Carter Log Mill a pretty sweet looking jig for doing exactly what I saw demonstrated by George at the conference.

While it looks like the size of logs the Carter Log Mill can handle seems a little limited (then again I haven’t tried it out yet) it still looks like a great little tool to try it out with.

I’d be curious to hear from anyone who owns one as to how they like it. Leave a comment below or email me!

Of course if you’re interested in purchasing a Carter Log Mill through Highland Woodworking, by using the links here, you’ll be helping the show. Just CLICK HERE to visit their website.

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  1. William Jurgensen says:

    New to woodworking.New to your site. I have the carter log mill. Using it on a 14 inch jet bandsaw. Works great. However limited by the diameter of the logs. 23 inches long max. Is there a way to cut the logs lengthways with a small chain saw to allow getting more boards from fatter logs? Down the middle? Or sacrifice some off the side? Thanks.I have been milling some river birch from my back yard in Omaha NE. Now trying to figure out the best way to dry it. Thinking about building a small solar kiln. Any thoughts? Bill

    • Matt says:

      When I think of using a chain saw and milling lumber I often think of what’s commonly referred to as an Alaskan Sawmill. For example, Lee Valley carries this model,41131 from Granberg. It might be what you’re asking about.

      Unfortunately I don’t have any experience with them, but I know some audience members have used them in the past and really enjoy the results. As for my experience with a small solar kiln. I also haven’t had a reason to use one, but I know from conversations with those who have, they’re great and easy to build.

      Hope this helps.

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