Wood Talk Online No.60

October 8, 20090 Comments

Download MP3 We had some serious trouble with Ustream and almost canned the show. But just as we were about to log off, Ustream started working again. So the result is an abbreviated show featuring voicemails, audio segments, and Sweet Deals. Enjoy! It Came from the Forum: Comfort Wipe: Why Didn’t I Thing of That? […]

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Wood Talk Online No.58

September 10, 20092 Comments

Download MP3 What’s on the Bench? Marc has been repairing chairs and just finished up a couple Guild projects (magazine rack and the knife block). Matt tells us about his trip to Woodworking in America and he finally finished his wife’s bookcase. Around the Web: Clark sent us some great Puzzle Box Links. Bruce Viney […]

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363 Hand Applied Finishes with Hendrik Pt.1

May 29, 20095 Comments

For this month’s visit with our very own guest expert Hendrik. We’re wrapping up our 3 part mini-series on finishing by discussing hand-applied finishes and finishing techniques. I think it’s safe to say that hand application of a finish is the most common method being used by home shop/small shop woodworkers. Whether it’s applying a […]

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355 Bonus Hendrik Episode

April 23, 20091 Comment

Hey everyone I know it’s been a while since the last episode, but I’ve got a little surprise for you. I had a chance to talk with Hendrik about his upcoming seminar all about “Starting a Woodworking Business”…something that is near and dear to many of us. This is just a little sneak peek at […]

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352 Surface Prep with Hendrik

March 18, 20093 Comments

I had originally planned on releasing this episode this weekend, but I decided “why wait?” Today’s visit with Hendrik we start a “mini-series” where we discuss some of the basics of staining and finishing our projects. This episode is regarding surface preparation prior to finishing. An important step that most of us would much rather […]

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Wood Talk Online No.51

February 26, 20093 Comments

What’s on the Bench? Marc had some trouble hammering small nails, and accidentally sprayed a bunch of finish without the organic filters on his respirator. Marc also shows off his new Leigh Hold Down Clamps. Matt gives us a brief review of his new Wood River hand planes. Matt also had his first experience with […]

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Wood Talk Online No.50

February 11, 20093 Comments

What’s on the Bench? Marc’s putting the final touches on the steamer trunk while waiting for hardware to come in. Matt recently used dye to match some existing stain in a project using a different species of wood altogether. He also signed up for a hand planing class at Marc Adams School being taught by […]

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Wood Talk Online No.49

January 21, 20091 Comment

Status Report: Matt has been pushing piles of dust around his shop just for fun, and he has finally started playing with Google Sketchup. Aaron in the chat room recommends Marc also mentioned signing up for classes with Andy Chidwick and Darrell Peart at the William Ng School. Marc is also now making a […]

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342 Hendrik’s December Visit Pt 2

December 25, 20081 Comment

As promised, here’s part 2 of our December visit with MBW’s guest expert Hendrik Varju.  This month we’re answering questions you sent in regarding the topic of “Advice for beginning woodworkers”.  We had some really great questions varying from which tools do I need to get started to electrical needs and heating. To order a copy of Hendrik’s new DVD or […]

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341 Hendrik’s December Visit Part 1

December 24, 20080 Comments

It’s time once again for Hendrik’s visit this month and we’re answering questions you sent in regarding the topic of “Advice for beginning woodworkers”. We had some really great questions varying from which tools do I need to get started to electrical needs and heating. This is only part 1 of a 2 part series, […]

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