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Shop Woodworking’s “Arts & Crafts Ultimate Collection”

February 22, 20150 Comments

It’s nearly the end of the month and I just realized I forgot to mention that this month’s Shop Woodworking Value Pack is the “Arts & Crafts Ultimate Collection” According to the description on Shop Woodworking’s website: “Get 110+ Arts & Crafts furniture projects in this ultimate collection! Start off with basic, easy-to-build pieces in […]

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Get Woodworking Week 2015

February 18, 20150 Comments

We’re now right in the middle of “Get Woodworking Week” 2015 and it’s off to a great start! A huge thanks to Tom Iovino of Tom’s Workbench for taking the time every year to plan it and put it together. If you’re not familiar with Get Woodworking Week head over to Tom’s website at […]

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Christophe Pourny’s “The Furniture Bible”

February 17, 20150 Comments

I’m so far behind on getting something posted about Christophe Pourny’s new reference book “The Furniture Bible: Everything You Need to Know to Identify, Restore & Care for Furniture” that I’m surprised the publisher hasn’t shown up in my shop to beat me with it! And with good reason too, because after finally sitting down […]

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Cutting dados and rabbets in the basement workshop

February 16, 20154 Comments

Later this week I’m releasing the first of the construction videos for our current project build “The 8 drawer tall dresser.” Among the topics you’ll see in the video I’m sharing my current technique for plowing out dados and rabbets in my projects. As you’ll see, the technique is pretty simple. Whenever possible I like […]

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Festool’s 2015 Video contest

February 11, 20150 Comments

Festool’s Connect 2015 Event was just announced the other day and their searching for Festool users to submit videos featuring them using their Festool tools in the following categories: Testimonial Instructional / How-To Share Your Shop Share Your Festool Project Shop / Vehicle Organization with Festool 2014 Entries and winners According to the Festool Connect […]

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Am I overlooking something?

February 9, 20159 Comments

It might not come as a big surprise but over at Wood Talk we get a lot of questions throughout the year. Sometimes they’re repeats of old topics (occasionally almost word for word,) others are brand new, and once in a while they’re complete stumpers. On the most recent episode I decided to take a […]

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SketchUp presents “Visiting Connor Wood Bicycles”

February 4, 20151 Comment

I’m a huge fan of SketchUp for a long list of reasons. At the top of that list is that it helps me to quickly workout some ideas for projects I’m about to build or ones I’m trying to decide if I want to build. The other day I received an email from the SketchUp […]

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Patreon Campaign News and Updates

February 2, 20150 Comments

I really want to tease this out a little bit more, maybe even build up some drama, but there’s no way other than just coming right out and saying it. I’m making some changes to the Patrons of Matt’s Basement Workshop Campaign and I think you’ll like them! If you were already a Patron of […]

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I have no style!

February 2, 20153 Comments

The title of this post doesn’t comes as a shock to anyone who knows me, especially when it comes to fashion. It’s obvious I’m stuck in a rut and couldn’t be less current on hip clothing if I tried. But in this case I’m referring more specifically to my lack of style when it comes […]

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8 Drawer Tall Dresser Downloadable Plans

February 1, 20152 Comments

Coming up this week I’m releasing the first episode of a multi-part series on the construction of my daughter Madison’s 8 drawer dresser. It’s been a long time coming, so I’ve had plenty of time to plan out the details. Frequently when I build projects I get a lot of requests for measured drawings & […]

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