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Inset drawers lead to revealing work

April 27, 20154 Comments

As the construction of Madison’s tall dresser was rolling along at a much faster pace than most of my large projects go I kept telling myself not to jinx it by saying something stupid like “I’ll probably finish this one up in record time!” Sure enough, just as I neared the finish line the month […]

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Why the chipped edges?

April 20, 20150 Comments

Recently I received an email from a viewer who was running into an issue with a benchtop jointer he purchased. The viewer asked “when I try to run the edge of my piece of wood over the jointer it chips the edge of the board, what can I do?” Not this exact model! There was […]

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The Highland Woodworker Episode No. 18

April 18, 20150 Comments

While you’re waiting for me to release the final episode of the Tall Dresser Build, take an opportunity to checkout the latest episode of The Highland Woodworker featuring an interview with Matthew Teague in the “Moment with a Master” segment. Join Charles Brock and the crew as they visit Matthew’s much blogged about Music City […]

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“Let’s talk about me” over at Wacky Wood Works

April 17, 20151 Comment

A huge thanks to Nighthawk at the Wacky Wood Works website for interviewing me and including me as a “Featured Maker.” It’s purely a coincidence, and also somewhat due to my procrastination and forgetfulness, the article is being published around the same time as my birthday AND the release of the “origin stories” episode of […]

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David Picciuto and the X-Carve by Inventables

April 15, 20150 Comments

Have you seen the Drunken Woodworker – David Picciuto’s introduction to the new X-Carve CNC from Inventables yet? David did a short video demonstrating one of the many things you can do with the X-Carve in your own shop. If you haven’t seen it yet, take a moment to check it out. It’s pretty cool! […]

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Workbench and Blacksmithing Collections at Shop Woodworking

April 13, 20150 Comments

How’s that old adage about April showers go? “April showers bring May flowers.” I don’t how that has anything to do with woodworking or what I’m about to share with you, but I imagine taking advantage of one or both of these new collections from Shop Woodworking will probably pay off in the shop somewhere […]

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IDrive online backup offer for fans of Matt’s Basement Workshop

April 9, 20150 Comments

I’m so old school, my idea of a secure backup is relying on my stash of external hard drives and placing them on the high shelf out of reach. This has worked great for me for all these years but I’m starting to think I’m still leaving myself slightly vulnerable if one or all of […]

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Dining table with a TWIST

April 7, 20151 Comment

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been to a few dinners where I’d love to have something in the way of me having a conversation with the person at the other end (usually this is at a holiday meal with family.) As soon as I saw the “Not Now” table by artist Michael Beitz […]

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Post-April Fool’s Day Wrap-up for Woodworkers

April 2, 20150 Comments

I decided to wait until AFTER April Fool’s day to share some of my favorite gag videos and posts that were floating around the internet yesterday. I didn’t want anyone thinking I was pulling their leg and just making these up, although that would be cool too! Here’s my top 4 favorites for 2015 (in […]

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Plywood versus solid wood for drawer boxes

March 26, 201517 Comments

I’m very near completing Madison’s tall dresser, at this point the only thing complicated I have left to complete is the construction of the eight drawer boxes. Originally I intended to build them entirely from solid wood (and the plans for the project reflect this choice) but at the last minute I’ve decided instead to […]

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