466 WIA 2011 marketplace visit

October 10, 20113 Comments

Regardless of how many times I’ve been to Woodworking in America the one place that gets all my attention, and apparently that of the vast majority of show visiters, is the Marketplace. Where else will you find some of the most unique tool makers in the woodworking world all under one roof? Not only can […]

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Pre-WIA 2011

September 27, 20112 Comments

This week I’m getting things ready to head to Cincinnati, Ohio for Woodworking in America 2011. After having attended almost every since it’s start, these conferences feel more like homecoming than classes. And this year is no different. With all the great conference instructors, the even larger marketplace and even more great attendees than in […]

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Woodworking in America 2010 and more

September 2, 20112 Comments

To wrap-up the Woodworking in America re-visit this week it’s time to share some footage from last year’s conference and also include links and more to all the previous footage that I posted in the days after each conference. When it comes to woodworking events, this one feels like a homecoming. I get a chance […]

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Return to Woodworking in America 2009

August 31, 20110 Comments

As I mentioned Monday the countdown to Woodworking in America 2011 is on and in full swing. I hope you plan on attending the lectures or at least make it for the marketplace, it’s like walking into the most amazing woodworking store ever! Imagine asking the tool makers themselves about the item you want to […]

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Woodworking in America 2011 countdown begins

August 29, 20116 Comments

The countdown to Woodworking in America 2011 has entered the final weeks. With about a month left on the calendar before woodworkers from all over the country (and even FROM other countries) flock to Cincinnati Ohio for what has become for many, THE WOODWORKING EVENT OF THE YEAR, I wanted to share a few of […]

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443 Day 2 at Woodworking in America 2010

October 14, 20102 Comments

Let’s take one more trip back to Woodworking in America 2010 and I’ll share with you a few more classes I attended as part of this ongoing amazing experience. I eluded to the “mourning phase” after leaving the show and coming down off my woodworking high as we drove away. That mourning isn’t quite what […]

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442 Day 1 of Woodworking in America 2010

October 7, 20104 Comments

Another Woodworking in America has come and gone and it’s left a lasting impression. Not just on me but everybody I’ve talked with who attended. This is like no other woodworking show out there right now. It’s not about the vendors, it’s not about the lecturers, it’s all about the people attending. And I’m willing […]

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423 A Day At The Lie-Nielsen Toolworks Show

April 11, 20106 Comments

We all want to kick the tires before we buy, but when it comes to certain things in life it’s not always possible. Thankfully the folks at Lie-Nielsen understand this and travel across the states and into the great white north to give every woodworker an opportunity to man handle their planes, saws, chisels and […]

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The Daily Matt No. 80

February 28, 20102 Comments

Busy, busy weekend! Not much woodworking, but I did have a chance to visit The Woodworking Shows in the Detroit, Michigan area. I haven’t been to one in years, and I was asked by a vendor if I’d shoot some demo video of them for their website. A chance to get paid to visit a […]

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412 Auriou Rasps

February 15, 20103 Comments

Today’s Try it Tuesday is a look at Auriou Rasps. Rasps are an important tool that can be easily overlooked by woodworkers who aren’t familiar with how well and how quickly they can shape and refine your work. Rasps come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. And they also come from an equally […]

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