558 Utensil Drawer Organizer “Forks, spoons and knives…oh my!”

February 5, 20174 Comments

It’s easy to be inspired in the kitchen to make something, and I’m not just referring to food either (okay, maybe I am just a little.) Items for use in the kitchen are popular projects, not only with our spouses but often with family and friends. My wife Samantha has a long list of things […]

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550 Simple Cabinet Construction Pt 1

August 26, 20151 Comment

Don’t tell my wife, but after all these years of her asking if I’d ever consider building new cabinets for our kitchen I’m finally getting around to doing it. Except they’re not for the kitchen, and they’re not even for our house. Instead, it’s a small build for a client. The good news is Samantha […]

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525 Bathroom cabinet part 4 “Skinny legged base”

June 14, 20147 Comments

I’ve finally navigated my way through the quagmire that is “the loose ends” of the final steps to completing a project. It was a rough trail with a few pitfalls along the way. But regardless of the route I took to get here, the final video of the bathroom cabinet project is complete. In today’s […]

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How are you going to feel when someone has to repair your “not very good work?”

May 20, 201440 Comments

The title of this post comes from a recent comment left on a video I posted during the construction of the bedside tables. I’m positive the YouTuber stumbled across it while doing a search for a dovetail related topic, and if it were the only video you saw you might think I cut all my […]

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516 Platform Bed Pt 5 “We have legs!”

January 5, 20149 Comments

It’s official, the platform bed now has legs to stand on! We constructed and shaped them awhile ago, but finally attached them to the rest of the subassembly just recently. My biggest concern is making sure they’re properly reinforced and can withstand potentially being dragged across a floor or from a leap across the room […]

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513 Platform Bed Build No. 2 “A Box”

November 3, 201312 Comments

The next component of the platform bed build to tackle is the box encasing the undercarriage assembly. It has three purposes: First, it’s a means to support the undercarriage assembly for when it’s attached to the platform proper. Second, it’ll act as part of the support and reinforcement system for when we attach the legs […]

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512 Platform Bed Build No. 1 the “Undercarriage”

October 6, 201311 Comments

The Platform Bed build is just getting underway. This first episode is the construction of the “undercarriage” or support system for the slats that will be used to keep the mattress from falling through the middle of the platform frame. Because it’s being hidden from view I decided to not use the same wood species […]

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498 Bedside Tables Pt 4

December 16, 20121 Comment

The last few episodes of the Bedside Table build have been all about milling of components for the project and playing around with joinery techniques. It’s time to start the final assembly. The first step is attaching the dust frames and shelves to the sides. We have a lot of joinery options to get the […]

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Tried and True Half-Blind Dovetail Technique

December 7, 20124 Comments

Did I mention anything about how unhappy I was with the alternate half-blind dovetail technique I demonstrated in the latest video? Yeah, I probably have talked about it a little more than I should have, but I didn’t want anyone to get the idea that I endorse that technique. So here’s a bonus video this […]

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325 The Dovetail Trials or “How I practiced cutting some pins and tails”

November 2, 20080 Comments

Practice has always made for better results, so I’ve decided to keep practicing my dovetail techniques. I’m onto attempt No.6 and the going is getting better. Soon I’ll be moving onto to other joinery techniques too…maybe??? Download Video File

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