Zero Clearance Table Saw Insert – by Wayne Breshears

November 8, 20072 Comments

Long time listener Wayne Breshears sent in a great jig idea back in July, but I’m finally getting around to sharing it with the rest of you. This PDF is a full tutorial on making your own zero clearance tablesaw insert for your own tablesaw. Thanks Wayne for the great detail and making it look […]

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Feature Friday – Table Saw Taper Jig

September 27, 20070 Comments

A huge thanks to Don Garner of Don Garner Custom Woodworking for submitting this month’s Jig of the Month at Matt’s Basement Workshop Podcast. Don submitted another great jig previously, anyone remember the really excellent shelf pin jig from a while ago? Well that was a Don Garner jig and just like that one this […]

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Feature Friday – Jig of the Week – Mortising Jig

August 2, 20070 Comments

It’s ‘Jig of the Month’ and thanks to Terry we’ve got a great one to talk about. Download Audio File Download Router Mortise Jig PDF

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Jig of the week – Shelf Pin Jig

June 21, 20070 Comments

Here it is…a great jig submitted by Don Garner. Download Audio File Download Shelf Pin Jig PDF

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Feature Friday – Jig of the Month

May 17, 20070 Comments

An improved miter gauge fence can make a huge difference in the outcome of your crosscuts. Download Audio File Download Improved Miter Gauge Fence PDF

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Jig of the Week – Tablesaw Crosscut Sled

April 19, 20070 Comments

Crosscut sleds are a great jig for accurate and efficient cutting of wider and longer stock that traditional miter gauges may have trouble supporting. This version I describe today is made up primarily of scraps of plywood and hardwood and can easily be built in a matter of minutes. Download the Crosscut sled PDF. Download […]

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Jig of the Week No. 5 – Router Table Coping Jig

April 5, 20070 Comments

A great router table jig for safely and accurately cutting coped ends on rail pieces for face frames or door frames or what have you. Click here to download the Router Table Jig PDF. Download Audio File

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Jig of the Week No. 4

March 29, 20070 Comments

This week’s Jig of the Week comes from our friend David. A great little helper, this jig will aide you in making consistantly thicknessed thin ripping cuts with your tablesaw. Not only will you be able to more accurately and consistantly make the same cuts, but you’ll be able to do it safer, and for […]

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Jig of the Week No. 3

March 15, 20071 Comment

Scraps, scraps and more scraps are always laying around my shop. I can never seem to let them go, I’m always convinced that they’ll come in handy for something. This quick and easy “L” bracket jig is just what those scraps are meant for. Click here for the pdf file including pictures “L” Bracket Jig. […]

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Jig of the Week No. 2

March 8, 20070 Comments

This week’s jig of the week is a tenon jig I built a long time ago. It’s a real time saver, but it could use a few extras. I’ve once again included a file for you to download if you’re interested in seeing the jig being built. Tenon Jig . Download Audio File

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