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MBW “Shorts” Extended Crosscuts

September 29, 20136 Comments

Once in a while I have a few crosscuts that exceed the capability of my table saw miter gauge or my crosscut sled and since I prefer to use my table saw for crosscutting versus my miter saw, because of it’s accuracy and versatility, I found a technique that works and is super accurate. There […]

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511 Resawing on the bandsaw for fun?

August 25, 20138 Comments

Recently I’ve been doing a lot of resawing on my bandsaw. Resawing is a great way to get thin material for a project versus wasting away the material by simply running it through a thickness planer or purchasing it pre-thicknessed (which probably means it’s been sitting around for a while and is bowed or warped […]

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MBW Shorts – “Installing a zero-clearance router table insert”

August 5, 20134 Comments

While working on the new wedding boxes for my wife’s photography business www.shuttersam.com (shameless plug I know…because I love her) I discovered that the 1/8″ diameter straight cutting bit I was using to route an important groove didn’t seem to be adequately surrounded by my smallest diameter throat plate in the router table. No big […]

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Jointer & Planer Knives “the question”

April 4, 201316 Comments

I’ve recently been getting a lot of questions regarding whether or not I sharpen my jointer and or thickness planer blades myself. And my usual response is “I don’t do it myself” if anything I send them out to be sharpened. There’s a whole list of reasons why, but at the heart of it is […]

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259 – Left vs Right Tilt Tablesaws

April 27, 20080 Comments

A while back a listener wrote asking about the difference between a left-tilt vs right-tilt tablesaw. This is a common question that beginning woodworkers have, and with good reason. Usually these days the right-tilt saws are much more inexpensive, but even with the lower price most woodworkers prefer the left-tilts. Why you ask? I’ll give […]

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A Few More Thoughts on Shop Vacs

April 8, 20080 Comments

So since we’re already in the neighborhood talking about Shop Vacs I had a few more thoughts I decided I would share with you. This time my thoughts on Shop Vacs are a lot more positive than in the last episode and I have a few ideas about what to look for in a good […]

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Shop Vacs for Dust Collection Systems?

April 6, 20080 Comments

When I first started to put together my workshop in the beginning of my woodworking career (if you can call it that). I wasn’t convinced that I had a need for a dedicated dust collection system, that instead my shop vac was more than enough. Time went on, and I realized that I was mistaken, […]

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Favorite Router Table Features

April 1, 20080 Comments

For today we’re continuing my response to a listener’s email that came in awhile ago. Scott’s in the market for a new router table and maybe a router and was wondering what features might be important if I were looking to get a new one. Regardless of the manufacturer there are key items and accessories […]

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Favorite Router Features

March 30, 20080 Comments

I’m back…last week I ended up flat on my back thanks to the flu!! I’m still a little weak, but feeling a ton better!! Today’s episode is my response to a listener’s email that came in awhile ago. Scott’s in the market for a new router table and maybe a router and was wondering what […]

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Book Review of Miter Saw Fundamentals by Rick Peters

May 24, 20070 Comments

An excellent resource for anyone looking to purchase their first mitersaw or upgrade an existing model. Download Audio File

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