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559 Dice Tower and Tray “Highrolling Unicorns and Wizards!”

January 5, 201824 Comments

Anyone who plays games involving dice there‚Äôs two things you always encounter; 1) they inevitably go flying off the tabletop, or 2) someone claims you threw them in a way that meant you were cheating. Aside from building a gaming table with raised sides like a craps table in Vegas your options can be limited […]

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469 Horsing around for a good cause

November 14, 20114 Comments

I’m late to the game as usual, but in this case, being late is better than never showing up at all. What am I talking about? The Woodworkers Fighting Cancer Charity Build. If you’re not familiar with Woodworkers Fighting Cancer it’s a charity started by our good friend Marc Spagnuolo – The Wood Whisperer to […]

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336 Roarockit Skateboard Kit

December 2, 20082 Comments

Building anything with your kids can be a lot of fun, but finding the right project to keep them interested is sometimes a challenge. I found a great project at, it’s a skateboard!! Everything you need to build the skateboard is included…the glue, the veneers, the form and even a vacuum bag that works […]

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Building a toy table with carts

December 17, 20060 Comments

I recently built some toy tables for my son. They’re relatively easy to build using a couple of sheets of plywood and some basic joinery techniques. Download SD Video File

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