Rosewood Bottle Opener from Scraps

January 10, 20149 Comments

At the beginning of the year I try to take the time to clean up the shop. Maybe even toss a few scraps that I know I’ll never use…regardless of how many things I try to convince myself I can make from them. And this year is no exception, as painful as it can be! […]

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465 Bell Forest Paddle Cutting Board

September 18, 20117 Comments

The holiday season is practically knocking on our doors and it’s the perfect time to start thinking of projects for loved ones and friends. Who doesn’t love receiving a gift you know was made with their own two hands? I know my family does, and up until this year they’ve been sadly disappointed in the […]

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Father’s Day Gift Ideas

June 10, 20115 Comments

Hey folks a small interruption in the Walls of Shelves build series. I fell a little behind on my editing work while I finished up the project, but this is a perfect opportunity to remind all of you Father’s day is just around the corner. Just in case you’ve been an even more amazing father […]

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