Safety Week

505 SawStop & Me “My Full Review”

May 1, 201351 Comments

On today’s episode I’m sharing my full review of the 110V, 1.75HP SawStop cabinet saw I received as part of an advertising deal back in October of 2012. As I had mentioned in the previous video “Hello New Saw”, I wanted to spend a little time with the saw before I shared my opinions about […]

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Safety Day is almost here!

April 30, 20131 Comment

Safety day is Wednesday May 1st this year. What started out as a week long reminder of the importance of Safety in the workshop has come down to a single day full of articles and videos covering a wide variety of topics. But regardless of the breadth of posts and personal stories, the fact remains […]

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Safety Day 2013 Sneak Peek

April 27, 20134 Comments

I promised back in October of 2012 that I’d do a full review of my experience with the SawStop table saw I received as payment for an advertising deal. This weekend I’m wrapping up the final shots and putting it all together for Safety Day 2013 on May 1st. I invited the family down into […]

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When Chuck talks, Matt listens!

May 10, 20124 Comments

It must be a touch of Spring Fever, or the fact that I finally need to get outside and start doing all the yard work I put off in the Fall because I was using the colder weather as an excuse to stay indoors! Either way, April and May episodes are a little sparse. But […]

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484 “The Accident”

May 2, 201224 Comments

We’re now about halfway through Safety Week 2012 and hopefully you’ve found that one or two golden nuggets you’ll carry with you every time you step in the shop. Regardless of what it is, the most important thing is to take what you’ve learned this week and turn it into the kind of habit that […]

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Shop Safety Checklist by WOOD Magazine

May 1, 20120 Comments

This is a re-post of a previous Safety Week video that I feel is worth taking another look at. I stumbled across a great article at WOOD Magazine‘s website. Not one to let a good thing slide by, I asked the folks at WOOD for permission to share it with all of you. Thankfully they […]

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Safety Week 2012 Begins

April 30, 20122 Comments

Welcome to Safety Week 2012, the one week out of the entire year devoted exclusively to the topic of Safety in the workshop. If this is your first Safety Week, please feel free to revisit previous topics from years past. Safety Week was the brain child of Marc Spagnuolo years ago, so be sure to […]

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Safety Week Wrap-Up

May 6, 20110 Comments

Another Safety Week is coming to a close but it doesn’t mean we should turn our backs on safety, even for a second. Safety is an everyday thing in and out of the shop. Safety is something not just for ourselves, but for those around us also. If you haven’t had a chance to keep […]

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Spoken Wood Podcast No. 123

May 5, 20110 Comments

Today’s episode was written by Bob Lang for the Popular Woodworking Shop Blog it’s titled “How Not To Hurt Yourself On A Tablesaw” and was originally posted February 12, 2011. To find today’s or even more great posts written by Bob visit the Popular Woodworking Shop Blog at Download Audio File Do you have […]

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Safety Week 2011 “Sensible About Safety”

May 4, 20110 Comments

At the heart of safety is the development of Good Habits. Good habits that will stick with you regardless of the situations you find yourself in, in the shop. Today’s episode is a re-post of a show from a previous Safety Week. It’s titled “Sensible About Safety” and discusses a few good habits we should […]

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