Sam’s Music Review

Sam’s music review for the woodshop No. 7

April 5, 20130 Comments

If I were a singer, Kate Nash is exactly who I’d want to be. Her songs are honest, their spunky and when you see her in person you have a hard time believing THAT VOICE comes from THAT GIRL! With the amount of soul and sass she puts into every song you’d expect someone completely […]

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Sam’s music review for the woodshop No. 6

March 8, 20130 Comments

Looking for a new and unexpected sound for your next day in the woodshop? Patrick Watson just may be that sound you’ve been looking for. My 1st introduction to Patrick Watson was seeing him live. I had the pleasure of seeing him in concert a few months ago and was brought to tears and laughter […]

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Sam’s Music for the Wood Shop No. 5

February 16, 20130 Comments

Samantha’s been pretty busy lately, but I finally had a chance to sit her down and get a music suggestion for the wood shop this week. Angus and Julia Stone are a brother-sister folk-blues duo hailing from Australia. And unlike typical siblings, they don’t mind letting the other take the lead on their own songs […]

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Sam’s Music for the Wood Shop No. 4

December 21, 20120 Comments

This week Sam’s music recommendation for the woodshop is Miike Snow, and no she didn’t misspell his name either! This week’s music recommendation is Miike Snow, and you might want to save him for the really boring and tedious jobs in the shop, because once you start listening you’ll want to get your dancing shoes […]

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Sam’s Music for the Wood Shop No. 3

December 15, 20120 Comments

Sam’s back and she has another music recommendation for the wood shop. Another “Folk Rock” band for ya. This week it’s The Lumineers and they’re a good band to have on your iPod! They’ve gotten me through MANY a house cleaning, several LONG road trips, and LOTS and LOTS of baskets of laundry. They’re a […]

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Sam’s Music for the Wood Shop No. 2

November 26, 20122 Comments

I was at my local coffee shop waiting for my mocha (skim milk no whip cream, which I saw she did put whip cream on it and then quickly spooned it out hoping I didn’t see) when I heard a song that I knew and just couldn’t place it. It was driving me crazy! So […]

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Sam’s Music for the Wood Shop No. 1

November 16, 20122 Comments

On a recent episode of Wood Talk someone asked about what we listen to in the shop and if we had recommendations for some good music. I have to confess I mostly listen to podcasts, but when I need music I can always count on my beautiful wife Sam to drop in something that quickly […]

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