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304 Shooting Board Follow-Up

September 7, 20080 Comments

Hey everyone it’s Monday and it’s back to work for most of us. Of course over the weekend I had a chance to hear from a number of you who had questions regarding the shooting board. Perhaps the number 1 question was “why doesn’t the blade of the plane alter the reference edge of the […]

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302 Building A Shooting Board Pt. 2

September 2, 20080 Comments

This is Pt. 2 of the Shooting Board Construction video. Today’s episode covers the construction of an auxillary fence for 45 degree cuts and then a very basic lesson on shooting. This type of simplified design is easy to build, so if you haven’t done it yet give it a shot! Download Video File

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301 Building A Shooting Board Pt. 1

August 30, 20080 Comments

I had originally planned on releasing this video as part of a series on Monday and Wednesday. But based on the number of requests I had to see the construction process as soon as possible, I couldn’t wait. So here is Pt. 1 of a two part series. Today’s video highlights the basic construction of […]

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300 Jig of the Month – Simple Shooting Board

August 28, 20082 Comments

It’s time for Jig of the Month! And this month we’re building a simplified shooting board based on the one I saw in David Charlesworth’s “Shooting Simplified” DVD from Lie-Nielsen. Nothing fancy, just cabinet grade plywood for a base and some scrap hardwood from the bin. Since I already had these all laying around anyways […]

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290 The New Workbench Top

August 5, 20082 Comments

The new workbench top is in place and it not only looks great but it works great too. A nice flat surface, easy to attach accessories and jigs and of course when it gets to messed up…off with the old and on with the new. Thanks for all the feedback so far, keep it a […]

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289 A New Workbench Top

August 4, 20080 Comments

Not so long ago my workbench’s top was the perfect surface for almost all of my needs. It’s always been a little short, but the weight was perfect for handplaning. When I discovered how unflat it’s become in the last few weeks it was clear it needed to be replaced. The question on my mind […]

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268 – Jig of the Month – Custom Sanding Blocks

May 22, 20080 Comments

The return of Jig of the Month!! It’s been a long while since our last jig episode and hopefully this won’t disappoint. Sanding blocks are a common staple of the woodshop, and even if you’re all about the hand planes or even the orbital sander, sanding blocks are crucial for giving you nice flat surfaces […]

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239 Feature Friday – Tape as a Jig?

February 21, 20080 Comments

It’s been awhile since the last Jig of the Month feature so I figured it was time to do one. And I’ve got one that I think most people probably wouldn’t think of as a jig at all…masking tape! I often use blue painter’s tape as a clamping jig in quite a few situations. When […]

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Replacing your Tablesaw’s Fence

October 28, 20070 Comments

I received an email not so long ago from a listener who recently purchased a Biesemeyer Rip Fence off of Craigslist. Not sure if it would work with his current table saw, he asked if I had any ideas how to modify it to fit. Happens to be that my old saw needed modifications so […]

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Jig of the week – Shelf Pin Jig

June 21, 20070 Comments

Here it is…a great jig submitted by Don Garner. Download Audio File Download Shelf Pin Jig PDF

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