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MBW “Shorts” Extended Crosscuts

September 29, 20136 Comments

Once in a while I have a few crosscuts that exceed the capability of my table saw miter gauge or my crosscut sled and since I prefer to use my table saw for crosscutting versus my miter saw, because of it’s accuracy and versatility, I found a technique that works and is super accurate. There […]

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511 Resawing on the bandsaw for fun?

August 25, 20138 Comments

Recently I’ve been doing a lot of resawing on my bandsaw. Resawing is a great way to get thin material for a project versus wasting away the material by simply running it through a thickness planer or purchasing it pre-thicknessed (which probably means it’s been sitting around for a while and is bowed or warped […]

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MBW “Shorts” – Wood Movement and the Simple Wooden Box

August 20, 20132 Comments

Shortly after the release of the most recent video featuring the new photo boxes I’m making for my wife’s business I received an email from an audience member asking if I was concerned about the expansion and contraction of the box’s bottom panel effecting the metered corners of its sides? In truth, not really, or […]

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503 Winter Woodworking Tips

March 9, 2013

I swear I wasn’t waiting until the warm weather was just around the corner before I posted this content, but that’s exactly what it looks like! So many of our fellow woodworkers give up woodworking in the cold months of winter because their shops are located in unheated or under heated locations. Be it a […]

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Shop quick tip and announcement

September 9, 20120 Comments

Great news! That momentary interruption I was talking about is coming to an end sooner than I anticipated. The adjustment to the new school year is going great and we’re practically back to a regular schedule. So this means it’s time for me to get off my butt and start producing new content. A new […]

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446 Shop Tour

November 18, 201027 Comments

I can’t remember the last time I did any kind of shop tour in my current basement workshop, so after much prodding by a few of you (especially you John!!!) I decided it was time to invite all of you down for a look around. Really there’s not a lot to look at that you […]

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352 Surface Prep with Hendrik

March 18, 20093 Comments

I had originally planned on releasing this episode this weekend, but I decided “why wait?” Today’s visit with Hendrik we start a “mini-series” where we discuss some of the basics of staining and finishing our projects. This episode is regarding surface preparation prior to finishing. An important step that most of us would much rather […]

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351 Minimize the Dust

March 13, 200919 Comments

In today’s episode I share with you a few ideas on ways to minimize the amount of sawdust that escapes your shop and spreads throughout the whole house. I promise they’re really easy and your family and home will thank you for thinking of them…or at least complain a little less than before?? Afterall sawdust […]

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325 The Dovetail Trials or “How I practiced cutting some pins and tails”

November 2, 20080 Comments

Practice has always made for better results, so I’ve decided to keep practicing my dovetail techniques. I’m onto attempt No.6 and the going is getting better. Soon I’ll be moving onto to other joinery techniques too…maybe??? Download Video File

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322 Seasonal Changes in the Shop

October 26, 20080 Comments

It’s that time of year again when the weather starts turning colder and drier around here and I have to once again plan out how I’ll build my projects different than from the warmer more humid weather of the summer months. Here’s a few of the things I take into consideration during these days of […]

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