Tool Reviews Dewalt Router Review

March 16, 20133 Comments

I’m starting to feel like the “Router Whisperer” thanks to the last two reviews I’ve done at This time I had a chance to share my views on the DeWalt DW618 6-speed fixed base router. I don’t ordinarily use a fixed base router on a regular basis in the wood shop, but this model […]

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SawStop Bypass System Second Look

October 13, 20124 Comments

Today’s post is a short and sweet look at the Bypass system on the SawStop. After introducing the new saw just a couple of weeks ago, I heard from a few listeners that they were interested in hearing more about the bypass system that allows the user to “bypass the braking mechanism”. The SawStop Bypass […]

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477 Bandsaw riser block – hindsight

February 12, 201210 Comments

This week we return again to the stack of listener suggested topics and questions that have come in over the years. After bringing the 14″ Steel City band saw into the basement workshop, many of you had questions specifically about the riser block I installed. The obvious benefits of a riser block to a 14″ […]

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476 Which shoulder plane?

February 5, 20123 Comments

Today’s episode is the first of a series answering many of the questions and topic suggestions you the audience have sent me over the last 6 years. I frequently get questions regarding choosing tools, stock, projects and great feedback on things we’ve already covered. Unfortunately I haven’t had a chance, all that often, to take […]

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438 “Woodworker’s Guide To Sketchup” By Bob Lang

June 29, 20107 Comments

Today’s “Try it Tuesday” is a look at Bob Lang’s “Woodworker’s Guide To Sketchup”. A really amazing tutorial covering just about every aspect of Google’s Sketchup 3D modeling system that a woodworker would need to create stunning and detailed drawings for their next project. Bob is a great teacher, author and of course woodworker. Bob […]

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436 Veritas Jointer Fence

June 21, 20102 Comments

Today’s “Try it Tuesday” is the Veritas Jointer Fence. A great accessory for the hand plane user to help get nice square edges on your stock. Usable with almost all of the bench planes, it attaches to the body via two, strong rare earth magnets. Once attached to a plane, making square edges is a […]

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434 Replacement Blades and Chipbreakers

June 14, 20100 Comments

The quickest and easiest way to improve an old hand plane is to swap out the original blade and maybe even the chipbreaker. Not that there’s anything truly wrong with the original pieces, other than a little surface rust and maybe a nick or two, but if you were to hold the new old and […]

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432 Handplane Screwdriver

June 7, 20100 Comments

Today’s Try it Tuesday is the Lee Valley Handplane Screwdriver. Since the next few episodes will be continuing our discussion of hand planes, it only makes sense we need to cover some tools or accessories that go along with them. The Handplane Screwdriver is one such accessory. Unlike an ordinary screwdriver, the full length slot […]

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431 Shop Apron

May 24, 20101 Comment

Today’s “Try it Tuesday” is all about my shop apron, more specifically the Leather Apron from Highland Woodworking. With it’s generous proportions, it’s deep flap covered pockets and it’s really comfortable feel (once it’s properly broken in that is) this is a great apron for any woodworker. Why would you need a shop apron? With […]

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429 Kreg Multi-Mark

May 17, 20100 Comments

It’s another Tuesday and that means it’s time for another “Try it Tuesday”. This week we have the Kreg Multi-Mark, a great little multi-marking tool for a wide assortment of jobs in and out of the shop. With three possible blade positions for quick measuring and marking the Kreg Multi-Mark is a handy tool for […]

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