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394 Milescraft’s Turnlock Baseplate System

November 9, 20091 Comment

For today’s episode, we’re heading back to June of this year and my visit to Woodcraft’s Vendor’s/Dealer’s show with the guys from Milescraft. You’ve seen me use the Milescraft Turnlock baseplate system before, so while I was there I figured it would be a great opportunity to talk about it and introduce all of you […]

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392 Whiteside’s Corner Chisel Tool

October 26, 20090 Comments

It’s the week of Halloween and who doesn’t like a little trick and treating? Well you don’t have to get all dressed up as your favorite woodworking podcaster to take advantage of this treat from Whiteside and Woodcraft, you just have to head to your local store or order online before October 31, 2009. That’s […]

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388 Blum Tool Co. on MBW

October 12, 20093 Comments

It’s easy to see that much hasn’t changed with hand planes in the past 100 years. In fact if you look closely, most modern plane makers are, essentially making the same metal bodied planes as were being designed by Mr. Bailey. Even wooden bodied planes haven’t seen much innovation. Of course the choice of wood […]

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386 Stanley’s Premium Hand Planes

October 6, 20092 Comments

Earlier this year while I was working at the Woodcraft Vendor’s/Dealer’s show in West Virginia with the guys from Milescraft I had a chance to talk with the folks from Stanley Toolworks about the new Premium line of handplanes they were about to introduce. They’ve been out for a while now, so if you’ve had […]

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383 Whiteside’s Biscuit Joining Kit

September 21, 20090 Comments

We almost missed it this month, but it’s better late than never I say! It’s time for ROUTER BIT OF THE MONTH!!! And this month we’re taking a look at Whiteside’s Biscuit Joining Kit, a simple little slot cutting profile that includes 3 different sized bearings making it easy for you to cut mating joints […]

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381 Meet Czeck Edge Hand Tools!

September 14, 20090 Comments

I love getting behind the scenes with, and meeting the makers of today’s premium hand tools. Of course when we think of “premium hand tools” a few companies come to mind immediately, and one of those I was excited to see was going to be at WIA St. Charles was Czeck Edge Hand Tools. Bob […]

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377 Try It Tuesdays – Dewalt Track Saw

September 1, 20092 Comments

Let’s admit it, track saws are pretty sweet tools. It’s hard for me to imagine a home woodworker who doesn’t have a circular saw up on the shelf that gets used primarily for breaking down sheet goods. And while they’re worth their weight in exotic lumber (for me that’s Pennsylvania Cherry), they have their limitations. […]

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375 Whiteside’s 1/2″ Radius Roundover Bit

August 13, 20090 Comments

I’m a little behind in getting this posted, but it’s time once again for ROUTER BIT OF THE MONTH!! This month we’re featuring Whiteside’s 1/2″ Radius Roundover bit. Much larger than our typical roundovers, but still a great profile for lots of applications. The problem with smaller radius roundover bits on thicker stock is that […]

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373 Day 1 AWFS

July 20, 20090 Comments

Day one visit at AWFS 2009. A quick look around the floor, hanging with Marc and Nicole. Booths on the list to visit this day were Accuhead spiral head cutters then onto General International Tools and even a visit to the Belt Sander races. Episode available for download in the following formats: |SD Video||720HD Video||Mobile […]

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372 Whiteside’s 10 Essential Router Bits

July 2, 20091 Comment

While working with the great folks at Whiteside Router Bits (Clark Whiteside and Chris Miller) at the West Virginia Woodcraft show. I had a chance to record an episode for this month’s ‘Router Bit of the Month’ based on an article written by Gary Rogowski in Fine Woodworking Magazine’s September/October 2006 issue titled “10 Essential […]

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