The Other Sofa Table

August 1, 20200 Comments

I seriously forget how much I enjoy building tables, so when a dear friend asked about a sofa table I jumped at the opportunity. This project was about as simple as they get when it comes to tables. Four, double-tapered legs, with a straight apron and beveled top. The most difficult part of the project […]

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Sofa Tray Table

July 11, 20200 Comments

Nothing is worse than sitting down in the middle of the couch to watch your favorite show and suddenly realize you’ll have to stretch across to an end table to set your drink or snack down. Wouldn’t a moveable little tray table be the perfect item right about then? I did too, so I made […]

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Spline Jig for Narrow Stock

June 27, 20200 Comments

Miter joints are beautiful, but sometimes they can benefit from a little reinforcement to help keep them together. Even though there are mechanical options such as biscuits, dowels, and possibly even screws or nails, a potentially eye-catching option might be to cut slots across the joint and insert a spline. For a recent project, I […]

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Figured Maple Key Hanger

June 11, 20200 Comments

“WHERE’S MY KEYS?” is probably the most common question asked in the Vanderlist household, next to “Did you say TACOS?” Since scrap wood projects are some of the best, especially with something as beautiful as the figured maple I used for this project, I was pretty excited to find a great use for it. For […]

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The Storage Shelf Box Thingee

May 27, 20200 Comments

With the shoe bench built and in place, it became obvious really quickly we needed some more organization in the back room. Once again I grabbed some stock from the maple stash and decided to build…a box…a box to store some wicker baskets that will hold all sorts of items that seem to just get […]

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Resawing Thick Stock with a Tablesaw

May 20, 20200 Comments

I have a bandsaw capable of resawing most of the stock I work with, but occasionally I have pieces wider than it can accommodate. While I have an auxiliary extension for the bandsaw to increase its capacity, it’s time consuming to install, and even then it’s sometimes more of a hassle than it’s worth. In […]

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561 The Shoe Bench

May 11, 20200 Comments

There’s nothing like scratching two things off your to-do list with a single effort. In this case it’s replacing a real eye-sore of a project (that wasn’t as helpful as originally thought…see “The Good, the bad and…It’s Ugly”…,) and also another way to use up some old stock that’s just been taking up space for […]

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560 Benched

April 29, 20200 Comments

Who doesn’t have a hodgepodge of wood species sitting around their shop? For certain I do, and sometimes I wish I could swap one piece for another to create a project. In reality, we already mix species in a number of our projects anyways, so why should this one be any different? Sure continuity is […]

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559 Dice Tower and Tray “Highrolling Unicorns and Wizards!”

January 5, 201824 Comments

Anyone who plays games involving dice there’s two things you always encounter; 1) they inevitably go flying off the tabletop, or 2) someone claims you threw them in a way that meant you were cheating. Aside from building a gaming table with raised sides like a craps table in Vegas your options can be limited […]

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558 Utensil Drawer Organizer “Forks, spoons and knives…oh my!”

February 5, 20174 Comments

It’s easy to be inspired in the kitchen to make something, and I’m not just referring to food either (okay, maybe I am just a little.) Items for use in the kitchen are popular projects, not only with our spouses but often with family and friends. My wife Samantha has a long list of things […]

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