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July 15, 2013

Awhile back I announced the show had a new sponsor CENTIPEDE TOOLS, makers of the Centipede Sawhorse. I won’t gush about how cool I think the Centipede Sawhorse really is, because IT IS, but instead I’ll just strongly encourage you to head over to their fundraising campaign to see for yourself.

I was talking with the guys last week and they told me about a great little contest they’re running on their fund-raiser page at indiegogo, two contests actually.

“WIN A FREE PRO KIT: Everyone who backs us with the “A DIY Kit + Extras” or “A PRO Kit + Extras” will be automatically entered to win a Centipede PRO Sawhorse Kit added onto their order for absolutely free. We’ll even cover the additional shipping charges…”

“WIN A FREE DIY KIT: Indiegogo has a great analytics package that allows us to track who is sending us the most referrals. By following our campaign and using the links provided in the Share Bar (see below), we’ll know exactly how many people you’ve sent to take a look at our campaign. At the end of the campaign, the person with the most referrals will be sent a FREE Centipede DIY Kit!

I strongly encourage you to visit the Centipede Sawhorse fundraising page and check it out for yourself. There are so many uses for it IN and OUT of the shop. Visit today by CLICKING HERE!

And for the sake of full disclosure, the guys at Centipede Tools are friends of mine from a while back so I’m a little biased. But I’m confident you’ll agree this tool is something you’ll use again and again.

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