Chicago bound April 12, 2014

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It’s been far too long since my last visit to the annual Lie-Nielsen Tool Event at Jeff Miller’s studio in Chicago so this year I made it a point to mark my calendar and plan to be attendance on Saturday April 12.


If you’re not familiar with a Lie-Nielsen Tool Event the best way to describe it is simply that it’s a traveling showroom of all they have to offer.

But perhaps the best thing is that it’s a chance to try the tools yourself and to talk directly with instructors about HOW TO use them correctly, and equally important, how to care for them to ensure they’ll be around for years to come.

And if you’re concerned this is an event with a hard sale, the kind with pushy sales people walking around and making you uncomfortable, you can rest assured it’s not!

In the past I’ve even overheard conversations between staff and customers where they made suggestions for tools that weren’t even Lie-Nielsen at all. In other words, the event is an amazing opportunity to ask a load of questions and get more answers back in return.

Of course a big reason for my visit isn’t just to play with all the bright and shiny tools on display but also an opportunity to meet with fellow woodworkers, learn from any of the instructors that come along and especially a chance to meet up and hang out with Jeff himself.

For more information about the event, which runs Friday April 11 Friday (10am – 6pm) and Saturday April 12 (10am – 5pm) visit the information page on the Lie-Nielsen website by clicking here. You’ll find a list of expected demonstrators and vendors along with directions, times and so much more.

And for more information about Jeff and classes that he offers at his studio on the weekends, visit his website and blog at

My current plans are to be attendance on Saturday starting around noon****CLOSER TO 2:30-3:00PM**** or shortly thereafter, I hope you’ll come out and visit.

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  1. Mark Giles says:

    Have fun in Chicago!

    I’ll be at the LN show in Dallas. Same weekend!

    I need chisels!!!!!

  2. Scott says:

    Very nice meeting you in person for the first time, Matt!

    Great show, great tools, and great company. I’ll have to get myself out to more events like this one!

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