Chris Schwarz Ultimate Digital Collection Pt 1

June 4, 20131 Comment

Without a doubt, if you were to utter the name Chris Schwarz in a room full of modern-day woodworkers chances are many of them will know exactly who you’re talking about. For those who aren’t familiar with Chris the real question shouldn’t be who is he, but instead what does teach?


In that case send them to the following link The Chris Schwarz Ultimate Digital Collection Volume 1, because listing off all the items on the list would be way too time consuming!

16 total items ranging from digital downloads, DVDs and ebooks. All covering topics from Hand Tools to Workbenches and on to Tool Chests. In other words, everything we’ve come to expect from Chris Schwarz.

Supplies of the volumes are limited, so don’t wait until the last minute to order yours…or one for a friend who needs it more.

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  1. Eric R says:

    Certainly a good deal for those who don’t already own most of these titles from Chris.
    This would make a really nice present for someone starting out.
    And it goes without saying to order it through MBW !

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