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April 21, 2010

Hi everyone! I’m really enjoying my time off as I recovery from my recent vacation to the Big Easy. Actually it’s more like, my stomach is recovering as it was stretched to the max in an attempt to take in as much amazing food as possible. But it wasn’t just the food that was amazing, it was the architecture of the French Quarter, the people, the smells, and of course the sounds coming from every street corner.

Enough about me, let’s talk about some great stuff for all of you. Starting next week, I’m back to “normal”. New shows, for both Matt’s Basement Workshop and The Spoken Wood Podcast. I’ve got some great topics, including a continuation of our discussion of hand planes. More project builds, starting with the construction of a set of bookcases that go along with our recent dresser project. And of course more Spoken Wood episodes by some of our favorite woodworking bloggers and authors.

As I’m always looking for great ideas, I welcome all of you to submit topic suggestions and even episodes yourself. Ever wanted to share a technique or project you’ve built? You record it, audio or video or even a slide show and I’ll post it for everyone to watch and enjoy. Just drop me a line by CLICKING HERE. The same is true for the Spoken Wood Podcast. Do you have a blog, a newsletter or just a great story worth sharing? Let me know, I’d love to feature it for everyone to hear and be inspired.

Coming up on May 3rd, Hendrik is back for another show. This time we’re talking about something I know many of you have thought and dreamed about, starting your own woodworking business. This is a lead up to Hendrik’s June 5th “Starting and Running a Woodworking Business” seminar.

A good part of our discussion on the show will be about how Hendrik made the transition from a Lawyer to a Woodworker. If you have questions about starting your own woodworking business, drop us a line and we’ll answer your questions on the show. EMAIL YOUR QUESTION HERE.

Hope to hear from you soon!

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