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July 5, 2013

I just wrapped up a great couple of days away from the office and the usual day-to-day humdrum grind of work life by spending it in the woods with friends who inspire me to want to be a better woodworker and all around crafts person.

Of course the fact this group of people also really enjoy small batch breweries, spirits and are also all around amazing cooks and bakers is another reason I get so inspired (inspired to want to be invited back for more that is!) So in honor of their amazing tastes and my love of a good bottle of…grape soda (among other imbibements!)…I didn’t want to show up to the cabin with something that wasn’t homemade.

Six pack shop Six pack filled

Given I can’t cook and probably should just stay out of the kitchen for everyone’s safety and appetite, I’ll just sit by the campfire or in the hammock or floating down the river or wherever I can find an open seat and I’ll carry around my “refreshments” in this shop made six-pack.

Once I get back from my amazing time with friends I’ll start editing the video of how I made it…or maybe I’ll just refill it and head back up north instead?

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  1. Bryan Patten says:

    I’d love to see a post on the wooden six pack. Just the the gift for my budding
    micro brewer nephew! Maybe one of those branding irons with his logo on it?
    You must be quite the home shandyman…sorry, Thanks for the post!

  2. Don Cragle says:

    Making me thirsty.

  3. Tim Waite says:

    As someone who brews his own “grape soda” and is always getting request for a taster, I think a couple of these six pack beauties would be a great way to deliver them. I look forward to the video!!

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