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January 5, 20153 Comments

Now that I don’t have the holidays to use as an excuse for why I’m not in the shop I guess I should just get off my fat butt and start working on some new projects and content for the show?

I don’t want to come across as this being a chore, or something I’m not looking forward too, because I’m actually pretty excited to get started. Sometimes it just takes a little shove to get me moving since it feels like the hardest part is deciding where to get started and then to keep from getting distracted along the way.

Thankfully I already have a project in mind and decided to wait until the new year to get started on it.

For a long time now we’ve been telling ourselves our daughter Madison needs a new dresser (“chest of drawers” to some of you.) The problem all along has been me avoiding the issue by coming up with other projects, especially given she already has two mismatched ones we’ve picked up over the years.

Well it’s time to finally do what I’ve been promising for years; build her a dresser that fits her needs now and maybe into the future?

I don’t have a firm date for the release of the first video in the series. As I’m writing this I have yet to start filming much, but the goal is to document the entire process from “idea” to “finish.” Of course there will be plenty of extra footage for Patrons of Matt’s Basement Workshop, including bonus episodes for “Woobie” level patrons.

I promise the free version will be just as full of great content and information on its construction, and thanks to some help from a friend, I have a set of drawings and plans that will eventually be available for purchase.

Madisons dresser concept art

Early drawing of “Madison’s Dresser” thanks to Brian Benham of
“Benham Design Concepts”

Here’s a few details about “Madison’s Dresser” to possibly pique your interest. The dresser is a full 8 drawers. Four small ones up top, two per row, followed by four larger drawers below. My version is being constructed entirely from Poplar as my daughter has already indicated she wants to paint it.

The body of the dresser will sit on four legs that I plan to turn myself, but the conical shape is something easily available through wooden parts retailers and possibly at home centers. Or it could be modified rather easily also to either be dropped into a rabbeted base or some other square”ish” shape.

I don’t plan to use very complicated joinery in much of the project, including the drawer box construction, simply because I don’t think it’s necessary. I don’t have anything to prove about my woodworking skills and quite honestly, no one but myself and fellow woodworkers would even notice. But if someone else wanted to do so, the plans could be easily adapted to do so.

I’m really looking forward to getting started, so rather than writing more about it, it’s time to get started. Keep a look out for the first video to released sometime soon”ish.”

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  1. Chris Barnes says:

    Way to go cutting them by hand! Are you going to mill the rest of the stock by hand šŸ˜‰ Loved the sawbench! Can’t wait for the video!

    • Matt says:

      Thanks Chris! I’ve always preferred to cut my stock down to length by handsaw, it’s just far more peaceful.

      More than likely there will be some handtool work during the building process. But for much of the heavy and coarse work of dimensioning and shaping I’ll use my power tools to do the majority of the work then I’ll concentrate on the subtle details with my planes and such later on.

      Thanks for watching.

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