Custom iPhone Case? Kind of…

August 22, 2013

Over the past week I’ve been running down to my shop almost every day to play with an idea I found in this video by Steven Oleksak of “Wood Phone Case” (you should checkout his other video on his website too!).

I’ve written previously about the fact that I sometimes struggle with inspiration. I don’t know why, it’s just the way things are and I’m trying really hard to overcome this inspiration blockage!

What’s very exciting for me about this type of project is that it takes me into an area I’ve thought about playing with, but never went any further than buying the supplies for (which have been sitting on a shelf for far too long).

While the project for the most part is simple, my biggest hurdle now is trying to rein myself in as I find myself experimenting with ideas that are currently way beyond my experience level…at the moment.

Pictured below are my first two attempts. The larger case is for an iPhone 5 and it turned out great! The smaller case is for an iPhone 4S and…well…I blew through the veneer and it’s a little off center, but it’s a start right?


As I keep playing with the veneers and figuring out through trial and error what I CAN DO right now and what I’ll have to LEARN AND GROW INTO later is some of the most fun and irritating experiences I’ve had in a long time.

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  1. Bob Crosley says:

    Those are awesome. I’ve had that idea bouncing around my brain since I saw that video as well. What case are you putting the veneers on? Is there a particular one that you find works best? Hoping you’ll be sharing details in a video at some point soon.


    • Matt says:

      No case in particular. Just a simple smooth surfaced plastic case. Once I make a couple more I plan to share the process and post a video of it.

      I’m just waiting to get a few more that I ordered on for a buck a piece.

  2. Hey guys I am Steven! Awesome cases. It is so cool to see the wood phone case designed!!!

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