Dining table with a TWIST

April 7, 20151 Comment

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been to a few dinners where I’d love to have something in the way of me having a conversation with the person at the other end (usually this is at a holiday meal with family.)

not now table

“Not Now” table by artist Michael Beitz
Image courtesy of Fubiz.net

As soon as I saw the “Not Now” table by artist Michael Beitz over at Fubiz.net I knew I found my next dining table.

Of course the only problem is finding room for it in our current house. I’m not even sure it’ll fit in the doorways, but man it would be awesome to have it installed by Thanksgiving!

While you’re checking out all the other images of Michael Beitz’s “Not Now” table at Fubiz.net take a look at another gallery of twisted furniture from designer Kino Guerin.

Now if only I could find the right table cloth to go along with it.

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