Drill Press dust collection? Yes, please!

February 28, 2014
drill press down draft table

photo courtesy Steel City Tool Works blog

I’ve had a link available at the top of the homepage to this project from the minds at the Steel City Tool Works blog but just in case you haven’t seen it yet here’s an opportunity for you to check it out.

I had heard a while ago that Callum had been working on something for dust collection at the drill press but I assumed it would be another version of a dust port built into a fence on the table top.

Instead, it turns out to be a full down-draft table top. A great idea for a whole bunch of reasons, especially those that have to do with just wanting to get chips and sawdust out of the way for better drilling.

When you have a moment check it out, I’m sure there’s plenty of ideas that can be used for other projects elsewhere in the shop, CLICK HERE TO VISIT.

Thanks Callum!

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