Episode No. 11 Intro to hand tools

April 9, 2006

Hey everyone thanks for checking out another episode. There appears to be a few more listeners then previously so for those of you who are new to the show welcome. This episode is the first of two, covering the often overlooked but equally important hand tools. A great resource for any and all questions about hand tools is the book “Choosing & Using Hand Tools” by Andy Rae the publisher is Lark Books. Andy does a great job of categorizing the tools according to their use and then also introduces some tools you may not have known existed or were just curious about in general and didn’t know who to ask or where. For this episode and the next, I’ve borrowed from Andy’s book and layed out the tool categories the same. So in episode 11, I cover the first five categories of tools that play a vital role in everybodies shop.

1) Striking tools – hammers and the like

2) Boring tools – drills and drill bits

3) Pulling, prying and twisting tools – pliers, cat paws and screwdrivers

4) Layout tools – tape measures, squares, etc.

5) Scraping tools – files, rasps, scrapers

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