Episode No. 13 Inspiration and design

April 25, 2006

Hey everyone thanks for checking out another show. Unlike the previous episodes this one is not about a tool or group of tools. It’s time to start talking about designing and building our pieces.

So to get things started I talk a little bit about where to get inspiration for your projects. Where are great places to look to find project ideas that are appealing to you the woodworker or to the people you’re building for? Often times we’re building out of necessity, a need in the house, a need in the shop or just a need in the soul (OK that’s a little too deep even for me). Inspiration comes from everywhere, so don’t be afraid to look around and spend a little more time taking in the details.

Is there an era of furniture you’re fond of? Be inspired to reproduce a piece that’s caught your eye at some time, after all ‘Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery’ not to mention that many of our non-woodworking family and friends will be awe struck at your accomplishments. To help me get my points across, without to many tangents, I’m going to use the designing and eventual construction of my son Aiden’s Dresser as an example.

I found a design I thought was appealing in a popular catalog for kids’ furniture. The proportions were right and the design appealed to the style of furniture my wife and I like. Once the basic proportions were established, height, width and depth the rest was all up to me. Using established furniture dimensions from manufacturers is a great way to get started down the road to your own style. There are design rules that can also help with getting dimensions that are appealing to the human eye also. The golden…

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