Episode No. 5 Table saw blades

February 19, 2006

Thanks once again for stopping by for a listen. This episode is all about tablesaw blades and what the difference is between the basic types used for woodworking. I cover a little bit about some of the terms associated with blades and then a little bit more on what is the right way to cut material using them. Thanks once again to 3 Feet Up for their song “No Right”, you can find them and other great artist at music.podshow.com

So until the next episode straight grains and sharp blades.

2/21/2006 Hey everyone, I just listened to this episode again, and realized there is a hiccup in the show. So if you noticed it and I’m pretty sure you will, it’s the show not your player. Also for some reason I think I sound like I was rushing through the show. If there is anything that you just didn’t quite catch drop me a line at mattsbasementworkshop@gmail.com so I can try to answer the question for you.

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