Episode No. 7 Routers

March 5, 2006

In episode #7 we talk about the types of routers, what are the differences and hopefully I give you a little idea of which one is the right one for you. There seems to be a major push towards combo kits which include both types of router bodies that are interchangable with a single motor. These are a great way to go if you can afford them. If you just want a single type a general rule is that a Plunge router with a 2HP motor and 1/2″ collet is going to give you plenty of freedom in the shop to try all different kinds of projects.

Remember, when you can, buy carbide tipped bits. They stay sharp longer and tend not to chip out so readily. A variable speed motor is essential to control the cut of the bit. The larger the bit, or the more prone the wood is to burning, the slower the RPMs.

For great articles on woodworking check out both Finewoodworking.com or Popular Woodworking. I also found articles that helped with this episode at both Workbench Magazine and American Woodworker.

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  1. Ray Curtis says:

    Mat you seem to have lost the link to episode #7. No download and no play link.

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