Episode No. 8 Router Bits

March 12, 2006

Hey everybody thanks for coming back for another episode. In this episode I’m going to try and cover a little bit about the types of router bits out there.

Considering the vast number of bits and manufacturers of them, it’s nearly impossible to talk about each and everyone. So instead, I try to break them down into one of three categories. Surface-cutting bits, edge-forming bits and speciality bits.

I recap a little from episode #7 about the direction of cut for routers -remember outside cuts go left to right and inside cuts go right to left- and also a recap of cutting speeds for the size of your router bit. Thanks to 3 Feet Up for their song ‘No Right’. You can find them and other great artist at music.podshow.com.

Not to mention thanks to American Woodworker for the router special issue.

I also have to mention ‘Router Basics’ by Patrick Spielman as a source for this episode. Any comments or suggestions? Send them to mattsbasementworkshop@gmail.com or click on the comments button. Until the next episode Straight grains and sharp blades.

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