Favorite Links

A frequent question I get all the time is “what’s your favorite woodworking sites to visit?”

I can’t say I favor one over another, and on top of it some come and go for a whole bunch of reasons. But for now, below is a list of some of my favorite podcasts, websites, blogs, retailers and the occasional “Misc” link I find.

This isn’t a complete list and some are on here because we’ve swapped links in the hopes our audiences will find something useful. SO ENJOY!

Woodworking Podcasts

The Wood Whisperer
The Renaissance Woodworker
Boatworks Today
Hand Tools and Techniques
Wood Talk Online
The Bois Shop
Garage Woodworks
Woodworking for Mere Mortals
Stu’s Shed
Ravinheart Renditions

Woodworking Blogs

Osborne Wood Products Videos
Old Goat Woodworking and Son
The Village Carpenter
Dream Works Wood Shop
Heartwood – Inside the Woodshop
In The Woodshop
Philsville – Woodworking Philly Style!
Working Wood
Acorn House Workshop
Kaytrim Kustoms
Musings from the Workbench

Must Visit Links

Canadian Woodworks Blog
Air Handling Systems
Wood Craft By Bean

Build A Maloof Inspired Rocker
Chidwick School of Fine Woodworking
The Wood Haven
Colorado Record Crates
Hartville Tool – Woodworking Tools
The Saw Review Website
Porch Swing Plans
American Craftsman-Todd Clippinger
Bob Kaune’s Hand Plane Parts
Habitat ReStore
‘Ol Dave’s Woodshop

Old Woodworking Machinary.com
Bifano Clock Works – Clock Movements and Custom made Grandfather Clocks


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