Feature Friday 2-15-08 Tuning Hand Planes with Hendrik

February 14, 2008

For today’s episode we have part 1 of our recent visit with Matt’s Basement Workshop Podcast’s Guest Expert Hendrik Varju. This time we have Hendrik back to answer questions, submitted by you the listeners, regarding tuning up hand planes. Whether it’s a new model from Veritas or Lie-Nielsen or an antique you picked up at a flea market, getting these hand planes working the right way is a major concern for all of us.

Many of you wrote in with some great questions, but I just couldn’t use all of them. So instead I picked out the ones that I think best represented the concerns most of you had regarding getting your hand planes working as well as they could.

To find out more about Hendrik, head over to his website at www.passionforwood.com where you can see his seminar sessions, order his DVD “Jointer and Planer Secrets – private woodworking instruction in a box” or even take a private class with him at his shop in Erin, Ontario.

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