Feature Friday – Table Saw Taper Jig

September 27, 2007

A huge thanks to Don Garner of Don Garner Custom Woodworking for submitting this month’s Jig of the Month at Matt’s Basement Workshop Podcast. Don submitted another great jig previously, anyone remember the really excellent shelf pin jig from a while ago? Well that was a Don Garner jig and just like that one this one is also a great shop aid that you’ll find very useful in your shop too.

This month’s jig of the month is another version of a taper jig. Don’s taper sled is an improvement over the other style of taper jig – the hinge style taper jig. Because of it’s size and it’s adjustable fence and clamping system, there’s quite a bit more flexibility and accuracy when making tapered cuts. You’ll find this especially true when it comes to making tapered cuts in what might be odd sized and odd shaped components.

The components to make this jig are also simple, (2) pieces of 3/4″ plywood – (1) 7″ wide base & (1) 4″ wide adjustable fence. The length should be, at minimum, equal to the depth of your table saw top or preferably longer. I’d suggest up to 1-1/2 times the depth of the top. Next you’ll need (3) carriage bolts to secure the fence tightly to the base and (2) toggle clamps to secure the component being tapered to the sled itself.

Once you have the taper sled built the cuts are a matter of making simple rip cuts on the table saw. Just lay the component so that the portion to be removed overlays the edge of the sled that runs along the saw blade, clamp it in place and push the sled through like you would any other ripping cut.

Just to make it easier, a PDF complete with pictures and step by step instructions will be posted in the podcast feed so that you can print it off and make this great jig when ever you get a chance.

Download Audio File
Download Table Saw Taper Sled PDF

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