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May 6, 2013

I’ve made mention of it numerous times over the years, but just in case you tune out when I’m talking (just like my wife and kids), I’ve never really worked with anything more exotic than “New England” Pine or “Pennsylvania” Cherry.

But thanks to a very generous friend of the show, Jim Noller, I received an amazing stack of Teak “cut-offs” to have some fun with. The pieces Jim sent where the perfect size for a couple of projects I’ve been kicking around.

Teak shoe rack

Teak shoe rack

Teak shoe rack side-view

Teak shoe rack side-view

I don’t know a lot about Teak, but I do know it’s a great wood for outdoor projects or even items that need to stand the test of time from being exposed to wet environments.

So in my mind, amongst the many other things I could dream up, the one that I’ve been wanting to build for a long time is a new shoe rack for the back room of the Vanderlist Household.

During the long winter months and then into the rainy springtime around these parts, we need someplace to set our shoes and boots that gets them up off the floor and allows them to dry properly.

So coming up in the next project video, to be released next week at the latest, we’ll be making a simple shoe rack from Teak. As you can see in the pictures above, it’s almost ready for assembly.

The next question is…what should I do with these awesome 1″x1″x6″ cutoffs???

Teak 3

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  1. Torch02 says:

    New tool handles!

  2. Jay says:

    I see a nice set of wood pot holders being made out of it. The ones I’m talking about have the top and bottom strips running 90 degrees off from each other. If you did some smaller versions they’d make nice coffee cup holders.

    Or I see some stepped tea light holders.

  3. Todd Fraise says:

    Look like they’d be about the right size for pen blanks. Seems like kind of a waste to make a pen from teak but those are kinda small cutoffs. Maybe a few of those wooden rings. If you have a CNC router (or access to one), you could glue them up into a panel and cut your logo into it. You could glue them into a small panel and make a trivet like Jay suggested. Torch02 had a great suggestion if you are in need of some replacement tool handles.

  4. Andrew Arndts says:

    You could send them to a fellow Michigander and he can make pens out of them 😉

    Andrew Arndts
    Holz Mechaniker
    Wood turner..

  5. Wayne says:

    Turn some wind chimes?

  6. Matt says:

    Awesome ideas everyone!

  7. Joe Wiener says:

    Laminate some, maybe even endgrain butcherblock style, and do turned coasters in a holder,

  8. Baron says:

    It would be a small cutting board but if you threw in some exotic scraps you would have a small serving dish to give to the wife, which you could then follow up with a new tool purchase 🙂

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