Fred West Commemorative Tool Chest at Woodworking in America 2014

October 7, 20140 Comments

I can’t say with any certainty that this story from Woodworking in America 2014 didn’t have some influence on my recent launch of a Patreon campaign to find Patrons for my own show. But for sure I eluded to it in the description of what the term “patron” meant when giving a definition.

fred west tool chest

image courtesy The Highland Woodworking Blog

Not sure at all what I’m talking about? No big deal, here’s all you need to know about patrons. Fred West was one of the biggest cheerleaders and supporters of some of the most amazing hand tool makers available today.

In the spirit of what it means to be a Patron of the arts, Fred is credited by many as being the one person that kept them a float when starting their business.

How? Because he saw the value in what they were doing and knew it was important to help make their dreams come true so the rest of us could benefit from it later.

Unfortunately Fred was taken from the woodworking community when he lost his battle with an aggressive form of cancer. But his generosity is not forgotten by all those he touched.

So to memorialize and commemorate his generosity, those same artisans and craftspeople came up with the ultimate way to honor his memory “The Fred West Commemorative Tool Chest.”

The tool chest is an amazingly detailed carved masterpiece filled with items from nearly all of the tool-makers he helped along the way that was given away for free to one lucky attendee at Woodworking in America 2014.

I hope after watching the video you can appreciate how much this single patron made such a lasting impression on the woodworking community at large.

To see more amazing photos and links to other great write-ups about this event at Woodworking in America 2014 visit the original article at The Highland Woodworking Blog by clicking here.

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