Get Woodworking Week 2015

February 18, 20150 Comments


We’re now right in the middle of “Get Woodworking Week” 2015 and it’s off to a great start! A huge thanks to Tom Iovino of Tom’s Workbench for taking the time every year to plan it and put it together.

If you’re not familiar with Get Woodworking Week head over to Tom’s website at to see all the great posts and links him and other woodworkers from around the internet are putting together to help inspire and educate non-woodworkers (or brand new woodworkers) in to taking the plunge and discovering the hobby of woodworking.

Checkout Tom’s website everyday this week to see what’s new (or old) and invite a non-woodworker to check it out too. You might just be surprised at what you’ll discover, or be inspired by yourself!

Don't let him fool you...he's actually knows how to use the tools! image courtesy Tom's Workbench

Don’t let him fool you…he’s actually knows how to use the tools! image courtesy Tom’s Workbench

Thanks again Tom and everyone who’s participating this year!

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